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PaNSIG and MatDIIG joint session proposal for the 8th plenary

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    Frank Schluenzen

    Joint meeting of Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG (PaNSIG) and RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability IG (MatDIIG)

    Title of the meeting: Granule metadata and data flows in data sharing and publications

    MatDIIG promotes and supports exchange of material data resting on the foundation of free and open exchange of ideas and supporting data. This kind of exchange with computational and experimental materials data through shared online repositories, standardized formats and terminologies and open programming interfaces is essential to accelerating the discovery, design, and development of advanced materials. 

    The PaNSIG facilities support a wide spectrum of scientific communities, and development and promotion of standards (HDF5/NeXus) and standardized data catalogues (ICAT) are among the most promiment activities, supported by very substantial investments. The Materials community is doubtlessly one of largest and important communities utilizing the PaN facilities for scientific investigations. Consequently, the two IGs naturally share many objectives, particularly in the interplay between data formats, data sharing and data publications. 

    The objective of the meeting is to illuminate this area from different aspects, focussing on technological and strategic implementations enabling seamless data preservation, data flow and living publications. 

    Targeted audience: 
    The session is open session for anyone interested in the evolution of data formats, data sharing and data publications tightly integrating data and scientific data analysis. 

    Agenda (tentative, but largely settled):

    1. Short introduction of the groups and aims of the meeting
    2. Presentation on granule metadata in HDF5 and exploitation of APIs. 
      1.    + discussion how this and future developments align with needs of the scientific communities and 
    3. Presentation on Frictionless Data (
      1.    + discussion on how the adoption of lightweight standards and tooling can make it easy to share high quality data across facilities and scientific communities
    4. Presentation on “living publications” like ActivePapers (
    5. Discussion about possible WG spin-offs to promote standardization and evolution of standards. 

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