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(HDF) Session(s) at the International Data Week

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    Hi everyone,
    Lindsay Powers (Deputy Director of Earth Science & The HDF Group) has approached me about sessions at the upcoming International Data Week (which includes SciDataCon 2016 & the RDA 8th plenary). I think that the occasion is an excellent opportunity to discuss data formats and granule metadata (and I already expressed my believe that it would be interesting for us), possibly in a joint session involving PaNSIG, Materials, Climate and other communities; certainly something worth discussing at the upcoming RDA plenary.
    It would be very helpful to retrieve more feedback (and an opportunity for you to shape the agenda ;-)); so I simply forward Lindsay’s “call for expression of interest”:
    the HDF group is  considering proposing a session for the upcoming International Data Week (Denver, CO September 11-16) on data formats and the incorporation of granule metadata to advance cross-disciplinary data sharing. We are interested in better understanding the needs of different research communities in this area. So far we have interest from the Photon and Neutron Data Infrastructure community (PaNSIG and PaNdata) to co-convene a session or 2 if there is sufficient interest and diversity of topics. We are soliciting further interest in the topic and developing session proposals. Please let me know if this topic is of interest to you and if you’d like to participate.
    Any feedback to Lindsay ( (and/or myself) would be greatly  appreciated.
    Cheers, Frank. 
    International Data Week:

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    Rolf Krahl

    Hi all,
    Are there any news about this idea? Will there be a session at IDW
    and if yes, when?
    Best ragards,

    Rolf Krahl
    Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB)
    Albert-Einstein-Str. 15, 12489 Berlin
    Tel.: +49 30 8062 12122

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    Hi Rolf,
    I believe that Frank has submitted a session proposal…. I will follow up with the group to try to structure the conversation a bit. Do you have specific issues around data formats that you would like to discuss? Are there ideas for improvements to HDF5 that would benefit the community?
    Lindsay Powers
    Deputy Director of Earth Science
    The HDF Group
    And NCAR Visiting Scientist
    Office: +1.303.497.2652
    Cell: +1.720.635.5740

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    Hi Rolf and all,

    we haven’t submitted a proposal yet. The idea is to actually submit two session proposals on specific topics, something close to this: 

    Session 1: Granule metadata and data flows in data sharing and publications
    Session 2: Container in scientific workflows and data preservation

    the first one preferably as a joint meeting with the Materials Group – as proposed at the last plenary. I will try to send details for feedback latest tomorrow, currently waiting for some input…  nothing is settled yet (and of course subject to approval by RDA), got up a little late, apologies for that. 

    Cheers, Frank.



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