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Brief roundup of 6th plenary sessions and potential topics for plenary in Tokyo

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    Dear all,
    the last plenary has been quite a while ago and I apologize for the late and presumably incomplete update. Please simply add to this thread if something important, noteworthy or relevant is missing or incorrect!
    The last session of the IG “Research-data-needs-photon-and-neutron-science-community” (PaNSIG) was focusing on open and practical policies. We had three very interesting and stimulating talks from Hans Pfeiffenberger (AWI), Thomas Proffen (ORNL) and Jean-Francois Perrin (ILL) and quite some discussions during and after the session. The slides are all available from
    A point raised during the discussion was naturally to revive works on common policy frameworks; not so much on practical implementations but rather on harmonization of basic principles and guidelines as originally outlined by the PaNdata project. It’s certainly a topic worth to be carried over to the next plenary session. 
    During the session two other questions and potential topics for the next plenary have been raised. 
    Citation discovery:
    The first topic concerns a question which is presumably common across all RDA communities: how to retrieve all publications (paper & data) citing a Data-DOI or any other DOI or PID not listed in commonly used citation indices. Or in other words our community is seeking for a service which addresses: “give me all DOIs (PIDs) citing a particular DOI (PID)”. 
    Following discussions and investigations seems to conclude that such a service still doesn’t exist. Attempts to implement such a service like are seemingly too limited. The DataCite/CrossRef initiative launched a year ago ( has not at least not obviously progressed sufficiently. 
    Other suggestion have been to publish descriptions of the instruments used; encourage (or require) users of the instrument to cite the instrument publication in their own publication (both paper and data). The drawback being that instrument-publications will usually not end up in journals listed in the Citation Indices, which would limit the options retrieving citations on a regular basis. 
    However, there is an offer from German libraries (through the DESY library) to retrieve all citations of publications published in the Journal of large-scale research facilities ( This could be achieved through licenses for and access to the raw citation data (of Thomson Reuters if I’m not mistaken). That’s still far from what the community is actually seeking for, but appears the best offer currently available. [If that’s of any interest please let me know:].
    That service would presumably not be needed for very long: having facilities users cite the instrument in their publication will make the journal quickly a very high impact journal, which could greatly accelerate uptake of the journal in the citation indices (one of the after-session suggestions).
    Educational materials:
    The other point mentioned was the need to educate facilities staff and users (aka scientists) on (RDA) data management, curation & publication best practices and issues. It’s a common task and could possibly be jointly addressed, for example with a coherent set of documents and materials. Contrary to (at least my) expectations, the RDA currently doesn’t offer any “ready-to-take” materials. There are however to RDA groups (see… and…) which are working on these kind of issues, so we might be able to directly benefit and/or contribute to these. Also a topic worth being further discussed at the next plenary.
    Session at the 7th plenary in Japan
    The next plenary will take place in Tokyo/Japan around the 1st of March (check Obviously it’s going to be a bit of a challenge taking part in the RDA 7th plenary. And an opportunity to strengthen co-operations with colleagues and users of Asian photon and neutron sources. From this point of view it would make sense to aim for sessions, one devoted for co-operations, and one on specific topics (as those outlined above). 
    However, before starting to make any concrete plans for a PaNSIG session or two, it would be really helpful if a substantial number of colleagues would be able to join the RDA plenary and PaNSIG sessions. To make life simple: you can simply “vote”: .
    The call for session proposals (…) has just been launched and deadline is Dec. 18th, so we would need any feedback (votes) very soon to be able meeting the deadline!
    Cheers, Frank.

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