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Joint meeting – IG RDMinEng and IG Metadata

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    Collaborative Notes Link:

    Introduction of the IGs (10 min)

    Summary of online seminar series “Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data”

    Introduction to the  Recommended Metadata Element Set (IG Metadata)

    Applying Interoperable Metadata Standards (AIMS): A Platform for Creating and Sharing Metadata Standards and their Integration into Scientific Workflows in Mechanical Engineering and Related Disciplines

    Break out Room (20 min) 

    Wrap up & Summary of Breakout rooms (10 min)

    Closure & next steps (10 min.)

    1. First group option
    Metadata IG

    Additional links to informative material

    IG RDM in Engineering website:

    Post announcement of online seminar series – “Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data”

    IG Metadata website:

    Are you willing to hold your session at multiple times to accommodate various time zones?

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Research Data Management in Engineering IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    Metadata IG

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Paula Martinez Lavanchy

    I declare that I have informed the chairs of all the Working / Interest groups included in this joint meeting application.

    Meeting objectives
    The objectives of this meeting are:

    To round up the discussion happening during the online seminar series “Exploring annotation and metadata initiatives for engineering data” 

    To progress the Metadata Interest Group element set by unpacking the individual elements in cooperation with the other groups.


    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
    Breakout 1, Breakout 3, Breakout 5, Breakout 7, Breakout 8

    Privacy Policy

    Target Audience
    This Joint meeting is open to all participants and encourages in particular practitioners, researchers and other experts as well as community representatives in engineering disciplines. Particularly, but not exclusively, the meeting welcomes members from the following backgrounds:

    Scientists involved in engineering science

    Industrial representatives from major and minor companies representing engineering science and the industry sector

    Practitioners of software engineering for the industry sector

    Policy-makers for non-disclosure agreements & legal experts

    HPC and distributed computing experts

    RDM support staff working closely with researchers in engineering science

    Representatives from European and International engineering associations

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