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RDARI IG web meeting 24.2.2020

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    Ville Tenhunen

    RDARI web meeting 1/2020

    Time: 24.2.2020 21:00 (UTC)

    Participants: Frankie Stevens, Gavin Kennedy, Stephan Hachinger, James Wilson, Keith Russell, Ville Tenhunen

    Link to the Zoom:

    1. Melbourne plenary session situation (

    • Basic program is presented via the web page linked above
    • Keith, Frankie, Gavin, James and Ville coordinate details of the program via email

    2. RDARI Survey results (
    3. AOB

    • Discussions in the web, do we need for example social media channels for discussions between plenaries?
      • Group will discuss about activities between plenaries later on the group session in Melbourne
      • Some ideas; we can use our mailing list ans wiki more actively
    • Ville has announced that he change the work role from the University of Helsinki to EGI ( and therefore is willing to step aside from the RDARI co-chair position
      • Ville will send email to the group later about this issue (IG will decide a new co-chair(s) in Melbourne
      • James promised to take over coordination between plenaries
    • Don’t forget the 15th Plenary:
    • Next web meeting will be debrifing after the Melbourne

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