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Initial meeting to discuss creation of Data Retention WG

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    James Wilson

    Data Retention and Disposal WG  – meeting notes, 11/12/2023

    Call 11 December 2023. Notes by Keith Russell and James A J Wilson


    In attendance:

    • Luc Betbeder-Mativet
    • Witold Arndt
    • Ylva Berglund Prytz
    • Fabian Monheim
    • Jitka Stilund Hansen
    • Hagar-isabel Lowenthal
    • Yan Wang
    • Stephan Hachinger
    • Keith Russell
    • Rory Macneil
    • James Wilson



    Survey existing retention policies,

    • National
    • Institutional
    • Researcher funders
    • By research communities

    Guidelines how to create good data retention policies. Template with things that need to be covered

    Collecting lessons learned, not just good practice


    Points raised:

    Jitka: Clarify meaning of retention. How to handle the deletion? Call it the Retention and Disposal WG

    Hagar: Consider link between archival policies and data retention policies. What happens to the metadata?

    Yan: What can actually be done? How can things be adopted in practice? Can archiving policy override GDPR?

    Ylva: Is the Swedish ‘delete nothing’ approach wise?

    Witold: Denmark has mandatory policies dictated by government.




    Luc + Witold + …..

    Ylva: happy to contribute, but it is very hard to dispose of data in Sweden.

    Country specific situation. Yan would like to shadow. Is a topic of interest at TU Delft.

    Jitka: happy to contribute. Need some tasks or activities that provide focus.

    Perhaps a BoF at the next virtual plenary

    Another call with the US time zone.

    Look for something practical and tangible: thrashing out the aims and purpose in the new year

    18 month for outputs

    Luc, Jitka, Witold will take this forward.





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