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2016-06-20 RPRD Virtual Meeting

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    David Wilcox

    Virtual meeting host:  Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
    Notes: Stefan Kramer
    Further participants: Ricardo Amorim, David Wilcox, Bob Downs

    The new version of the matrix (with combined functional requirements & sorted on their scores), at…, should be quality-checked by someone else, against the original version.  A suggestion by Ralph from June 7 still needs to be incorporated into that version. Ralph volunteered to to both. 

    Stefan will make Ralph the owner of the Google Sheet containing that version of the matrix, he will set it to read-only when done.  

    At the Denver RDA Plenary meeting of this IG, we want to present the final matrix, then move on to the envisioned survey.

    It would be valuable to make the matrix easier to interpret. Stefan volunteered to draft a narrative to accompany the matrix.

    Meeting participants agreed that the final version of the matrix should only be published as an Excel and PDF file; the Google Sheet will not be part of the deliverable.

    Whoever works on the envisioned survey would need to be added to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, if it is human-subjects research. The question arose whether each participant in the survey research would need to seek approval from their own IRB(-equivalent, depending on country of residence), and how all that would be coordinated.

    Stefan volunteered to draft the survey questions in a Google Doc to have IRBs look at it, if the IG pursues this route; it would only be open to the active collaborators.
    How the survey would be distributed, and the solicitation script to potential participants, would still need to be worked out.  The final survey results would result in summary statistics, with the goal of publishing a journal article.  

    Questions arose whether it would be feasible to launch the survey’s administration at the Denver meeting, and whether/how the RDA RPRG IG could be associated with the survey given the potential IRB requirements for collaborators on it (see above), which would also extend to the resulting paper/article.  

    Because people are being inundated with surveys all the time, it would have to be kept short.  The requirements from the current matrix would have to be significantly reworded to become meaningful survey questions, because ambiguous or unclear questions would result in uninterpretable results.

    The meeting ended after 75 mins.

    The next virtual meeting, and the last one before the Plenary meeting in Denver, is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 29, 2016 at 14:00 UTC, again via:

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