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update RDA/WDS IG Cost Recovery

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    Ingrid Dillo

    Dear members of the RDA/WDS IG Cost Recovery,
    As you all know, our group has been endorsed by the RDA Council as an Interest Group, not as a Working Group. In practice, this will not change anything. We will continue to work on the basis of our case statement (summary attached) and under the wings of the overall Data Publishing Interest Group, just like the other three groups. Another change has been that Simon Hodson agreed to co-chair our group.
    Over the last months we have not been very active, but we would like to change that. A few of weeks ago Ingrid and Simon met in Paris and discussed and planned the work that we need to do.
    As you know we described a number of areas of work in our case statement. We would like to approach these as separate work packages and start with the following:
    WP1 Summary of current work on cost models
    Here we will mainly rely on the work done within the 4C project. We will invite Raivo Ruusalepp, who is heavily involved in 4C, to join our group.
    WP2 Survey of funding polices
    Here we will lean on the outcomes of the survey done by the Knowledge Exchange Expert Group Research Data together with Science Europe. Ingrid is involved in the KE group. We will also invite Hans Pfeiffenberger and Stefan Winkler Nees to join our group. Furthermore, we have arranged for an extra session at the RDA P4 to have a focused discussion with a number of invited representatives from funding organisations and other stakeholders.
    WP3 Questionnaire and follow up interviews / focus groups
    This work package is at the heart of our work. We already have a draft questionnaire. We would like to circulate it separate from the questionnaires of the other groups, since we have a very targeted audience: data repositories (DSA, WDS, ICPSR, etc.).
    WP4 Case studies
    Furthermore, we want to dive deeper into the situation of a limited number of repositories with interesting cost recovery initiatives. We already identified a number of these initiatives: DANS, Dryad, CCDC, ADS, ICPSR, one of the nodes of Datacite). We will invite representatives of these repositories that are not yet in our group to join.
    We have arranged two sessions at the RDA P4 meeting in September and we would like to use them as real working meetings as follows:
    1) to finalise the questionnaire and to design the outline of the case studies.
    2) to undertake a focussed discussion with a number of invited representatives from funding organisations and other stakeholders.
    In summary, we want to ‘restart’ our cost recovery project!
    We would really appreciate your comments on the project outlines and your ideas for the two sessions at RDA P4. Furthermore, any comments on the questionnaire, the broadening of the membership, (with a view to case studies and funder input), the selection of case studies, as well as names of people to invite for the brainstorm session are more than welcome.
    We plan to have a virtual Skype meeting this month, prior to the RDA Plenary meeting (a Doodle poll will follow) and hope to see you all in Amsterdam!
    Best wishes,
    Ingrid and Simon.


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