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NIH RFI on sustaining biomedical data repositories

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    Allen Dearry

    Dear All,
    I invite you to respond, individually or collectively, should you so choose, to an NIH Request for Information (RFI) on sustaining biomedical data repositories.  I am happy to address any questions you may have.

    Request for Information (RFI): Input on Sustaining Biomedical Data Repositories
    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    National Cancer Institute
    National Human Genome Research Institute
    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    National Institute of General Medical Sciences
    The Common Fund/Office of Strategic Coordination

    Allen Dearry, Ph.D.
    Office of Scientific Information Management
    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    National Institutes of Health
    P.O. Box 12233
    (Overnight delivery: 111 T.W. Alexander Drive)
    Research Triangle Park, NC  27709
    Phone 919-541-3068

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