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Re: Conference call February 27 re Legal Interoperability Principles for Research Data

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    Simon Hodson

    Dear friends and colleagues, CODATA-RDA IG on Legal Interoperability Principles for Research Data,
    Please find below and attached my notes from this afternoon’s call.
    I had some audio difficulties so did not follow or note all the substantive discussion around Credit/Attribution, but I think that i have captured all the key decisions.
    I look forward to seeing those of you who will be in San Diego.
    With very best wishes,
    15-02-27-Legal Interoperability Group
    1) Finalise the principles.
    2) Discuss the session at RDA.
    First three are unchanged.
    Principle four is fine.
    Discussion of order of final three principles.
    Attribution and credit should be distinguished. Attribution a legal term (e.g. CC-BY). Credit a social convention in research. So the principles should mention the legal issue of attribution and support the social convention of credit. Attribution can be required by a license. We should nevertheless support the social convention of credit.
    Suggestion that metadata should come after four. Then attribution and credit. Seems appropriate to end with responsibilities. So…
    5: Transparency.
    6: Attribution and Credit.
    7: Equity
    8: Responsibilities.
    A few pages per principles. Provides explanatory texts and guidelines on implementation. PU suggests that we should work on the guidelines and this may oblige us to revisit the principles.
    What is the relationship between the use cases and the guidelines?
    Three pronged approach: principles, guidelines and use cases.
    Use cases provide a real world application of the principles (and guidelines).
    San Diego Session
    PU suggests that there will only be enough time to discuss process rather than substantive issues. Review principles without opening it up to substantive discussion – but encourage written comments within a strict timescale.
    Outline of guidelines will be handed out.
    Conclude with a discussion of the use cases. The discussions should focus on methodology and process, but not substance. Outline of the implementation guidelines will be discussed at the breakfast meeting – will be shared by e-mail before.
    Wrapping up
    Please put any further comments on the principles in writing and send them in before the San Diego Session.
    CODATA: International Collaboration for Open Scientific Data, an information leaflet
    Dr Simon Hodson | Executive Director CODATA |
    E-Mail: ***@***.*** | Twitter: @simonhodson99 | Skype: simonhodson99
    Tel (Office): +33 1 45 25 04 96 | Tel (Cell): +33 6 86 30 42 59
    CODATA (ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology), 5 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75016 Paris, FRANCE

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