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Group details

Case Statement: 
IG Established

Status: Recognised & Endorsed

The proposed Research Data Alliance – CODATA Working Group on Legal Interoperability of Research Data (RDA-CODATA WG), will be established to address and promote the following objectives:

  • Define legal interoperability of research data and articulate why it is important for data interoperability and reuse.
  • Document and analyze up to four case studies in the areas of geoscience, biodiversity research, social sciences, and humanities of legal interoperability solutions in interdisciplinary and international contexts. 
  • Develop and publish core principles and guidelines of best practices through which legal interoperability can be achieved, and link to related information resources online.
  • Work with key stakeholder groups to get the core principles and guidelines of best practices adopted.
  • Generally promote better understanding and greater use by the stakeholder groups in the research community of the agreed approaches to legal interoperability of research data, focused on highlighting and enabling better integration and reuse of such data.


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PDF icon 2019-04-01_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Charter-2019-PHIL.pdf206.89 KB
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PDF icon 2017-09-19_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Plenary-10-Montreal_Session_handout_rev2.pdf155.01 KB
PDF icon 2017-09-20_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Plenary-10-Montreal_Session_Haendel.pdf1.08 MB
PDF icon 2017-09-20_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Prenary-10-Montreal_Session_Morrison.pdf69.31 KB
PDF icon 2016-03-17_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Plenary-7_Session_Presentation.pdf128.55 KB
PDF icon 2016-03-17_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Plenary-7_Session_Notes.pdf112.29 KB
File 2015-04-07_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Summary-of-Breakout-Session-at-P5.docx16.45 KB
File 2014-02-13_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Case-Study-instructions_final.docx18.12 KB
Office presentation icon 2014-03-25_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_CReATIVE-B-IPR-findings-Rev.ppt124.5 KB
PDF icon 2014-03-20_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_case-study-iMarine.pdf380.49 KB
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File 2014-03-16_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Case-study-CLARIN-annotated-draft.docx17.68 KB
File 2014-03-27_RDA_IG-Legal-Interoperability_Dublin-Agenda.docx17.6 KB
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