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Re: RDA Web Focus Group – questions about the homepage

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    Hilary Hanahoe

    Dear Sara,
    Many thanks for this and I look forward to seeing the group’s feedback on
    the proposed graphic layout.
    You say “The navigation tree as it is today: we will tend not to change the
    actual navigation tree except for one new menu (Regions) where the National
    Groups will be moved”. I would ask that this NOT be done. The reason being
    that RDA (global) is currently in the process of defining Regional
    Engagement which is a formal partnership process and NOT related to the
    national pages / national nodes supported by the RDA Europe project. The
    “Regions” definition MUST be used in reference to the regional engagement
    activity and framework which is not finalised yet. While we certainly hope
    that one day in the not too distant future the national nodes will become
    RDA regions this is not the case now and using the Region term will only
    cause confusion.
    So I suggest that we leave the national pages where they are at the moment,
    giving them the same level of visibility as all the other RDA groups.
    many thanks for your understanding on this
    Kind regards
    Hilary Hanahoe
    Secretary General Research Data Alliance
    Tel: +39-345-4719284
    skype: lunastella72
    Twitter: @hilaryhanahoe
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    On 29 June 2018 at 15:26, Sara Pittonet Gaiarin wrote:


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    Thanks Hilary
    no problems at all. I’ve understood that the process for the regional
    engagement was going faster, but if this is not the case no problems in
    keeping the menu where it is now.
    We will also raise some specific questions about regional branding to
    the Secretariat during the call of July 9th.

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