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New Search Module for the RDA website & other updates

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    Dear Members of the RDA Web Focus Group,
    I hope that my message finds you well.
    Since our last meeting, the roadmap that we discussed with you has been
    subject to a revision, taking into consideration also some new requests
    and priorities that emerged in the last year. In particular, while *the
    mapping of RDA assets and their visualization on the RDA website has
    been implemented,* with a filter page published here (accessible from the main Group
    menu), we *are delighted to inform you that the implementation of the
    new Search Module* will be completed by the end of this month.
    *The plan is to implement the Apache Solr open source search engine in
    RDA Drupal website. *This will allow users to search and retrieve any
    public content and document available on RDA website. *Please find
    attached a document with the specifications of the implementation:* we
    kindly invite you to take a look at it and let us know if you have any
    questions. Once the implementation will be completed on the test
    instance we will ask you to perform some tests.
    I also take  the opportunity to recap below the list of webplatform
    developments performed so far:
    * Mapping of RDA assets & new taxonomy in the Group admin dashboards
    * New visualization page
    * New page for the Case statement Request for Comments
    We also found a solution to prevent messages sent to RDA Drupal mailing
    lists to be stuck in blacklists, and we are still solving some issues
    linked to a specific protocol (DMARC) that prevents some of the messages
    sent via the RDA Drupal Groups (via MailGUN mailing lists) to be
    delivered to the recipients.
    Last but not list, we worked with the RDA Secretariat to implement a new
    process for managing the creation of the Plenary sessions, which is
    being used for the first time for the P14 programme set-up.
    The  developments foreseen in the original Roadmap are still there and
    have been included in the revised plan that you can find below and
    attached. Just an note about the *revised graphical layout of the Group
    pages*, that you also contributed to: its implementation is foreseen in
    Thank you again for your support so far.
    Kind regards

    Sara Pittonet Gaiarin
    Digital Communications Strategist & Project Manager
    Trust-IT Services Ltd
    Trust-IT Services Ltd. Trust-IT Srl
    Chase Green House via Nino Bixio, 25
    42 Chase Side, Enfield 56125 Pisa – ITALY
    Middlesex EN2 6NF – UK
    Tel: +39-050-28359 | +39-050-8937570 | +39-050-8937571
    Mobile: +39-3498084146
    email: ***@***.***
    Skype: sara.pittonet
    Please do not print this e-mail.
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    Dear Members of the RDA Web Focus Group,
    I am glad to inform you that the Advanced search facility is available
    at this link for your testing and feedback:
    I take the opportunity to say that this Apache Solr search facility
    requires installation in a stand alone server. For this reason, a bridge
    between Solr and the RDA Web site will be established using a specific
    Drupal module as soon as all the tests have been performed and the
    search finalised.
    The testing environment is a copy of the current RDA website, but please
    do not worry if you spot any minor difference compared to the domain.
    We kindly invite you to do some tests and let us know your feedback and
    suggestions *possibly by Wednesday 24th July.*
    Again many thanks for your support with this!

  • #130461

    Thanks Mark
    I am forwarding your suggestion to our developers.

  • #130455

    Dear Mark and all
    following your suggestion we improved (among other things) also the
    faceting of the search page – now once started a search, the filters
    appear in the right column
    We hope that you will like it.
    Please let us know if you have any other comments!

  • #130453

    Many thanks Mark and to all the members of the Web Focus Group, we are
    very happy you find this feature useful.
    We plan to go live with the new search by this week. In the meantime, we
    are still working on the new pages for the Groups and Outputs, you will
    soon receive updates about them, a small additional support will be also
    required on your side, if possible.
    I also copy the RDA Secretariat.

  • #130402

    Dear Members of the RDA Web Focus Group,
    The new Search engine for the RDA website is available since few weeks
    at this page, and it is also
    accessible from the small “lens” icon on the right side of the main
    menu. We are working to give more visibility to this function across the
    website menus and pages, in the meantime we thank you again for your
    support and invite you to start using it 🙂
    More to come soon with other RDA website improvements!
    Have a nice evening

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