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The goal of this activity is to:

  • Link RDA Outputs to Working (and Interest) Groups,
  • Make RDA Outputs easily discoverable

Background / motivation

  • From the Fifth RDA Europe Science Workshop, 17-18 January 2018, Amsterdam: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KnSeH2gRjmJZ_rmcWDQySsxs0Ke_LVpW/view?usp=sharing
    • Recommendations about the management of outputs was also widely shared by the breakout groups:

    • The Outputs should be checked before publication to make sure that the language is understandable by RDA membership at large, beyond the group of specialists which produced them. It was suggested to establish a review panel.

    • A period of testing before endorsement should be implemented, and endorsement should require adoption.

    • Output metadata should be improved, including a description of the scope, context, aim and content, indication of the target audience.

    • Examples of implementation should be part of the recommendation.

    • Focus on producing practical documentation on the Outputs, to improve usability.

    • RDA recommendations should be publicized through press release.

    • Implementation should be tracked.

  • It would also be useful to distinguish between community outputs (like best practices) and RDA outputs, which should be trustable. More robust mechanisms should be established (external review, adoption) to highlight the endorsed outputs – the procedure of endorsement by the EC of RDA recommendations as ICT Technical Specifications is a good example of external review of the outputs.

    These recommendations are inputs for the on‐going work of RDA Secretariat on RDA Output management, which will in particular be discussed during a Bird‐of‐a‐Feather session of the Berlin Plenary “Towards FAIRer RDA Outputs”.


    More generally, more marketing, and tracking the successes of RDA are needed. It was suggested to identify Flagship products once they have proven their value. It was also noted that the scope of RDA should be clarified (technical outputs, forum activities, networking?), which is well in line with the current strategic exercise led by the RDA Council. It is recommended that dissemination about RDA outputs goes proactively through research communities (the Ambassador concept). RDA Europe 4.0 National Nodes also have a role to play.

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