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Mapping the landscape WG – Establishment of Task Groups

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    Connie Clare

    Next steps for the WG: To turn the landscape review into a categorisation schema of research tools by February 2024.
    * Create 4 task groups, each task group covers 3 stages of the research data life cycle model (i.e. tabs in the Google sheet.)
    * Identify top 3-4 representative, typical tools for description.
    * Identify tools that are present across more than one stage of the research data lifecycle.
    * Add column in the spreadsheet to include ‘disciplinary or generic’.
    * Add column in the spreadsheet to include a note/acknowledgement about interoperability.
    Due to the fact we need to finalise Deliverable 2 by the end of February, the co-chairs would like to establish task groups to each work on finalising the tools mapped to various stages of the research data ahead of the meeting on January 25th 2024.
    Please attend this meeting if you will be available from December 2023 to February 2024 and willing to commit to finalising the deliverable. The success of each task group will be reliant upon members who can commit the time and effort to completing tasks. Task groups may be expected to meet independent of the working group meetings in January and February to complete tasks.
    If you cannot attend this meeting but would like to be assigned to a task group, please email me.
    Many thanks and best wishes,

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