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Thank you – Multi-Omics WG Meeting

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    Lindsey Anderson

    Dear WG Members,

    Thank you to those who attended the RDA Multi-Omics WG meeting earlier today.

    Announcement: Today the group said our goodbyes to Connie Clare as our WG Facilitator, as her facilitation will no longer be supported by Oracle for Research (now Oracle for Health and Innovation) at this time. Connie has provided amazing support to this WG, and we will miss having her in attendance. Again, a big THANK YOU Connie! We appreciate all that you have done to support the success of this working group! In the meantime, as we continue to seek additional RDA support services for facilitation, we will be sending out a new Zoom link for our upcoming meetings so please keep an eye out to subscribe to those new meeting reminders.

    Meeting Documentation & Next Steps: During the meeting, the group discussed VP22 breakout session outcomes (view our breakout slides here). We continued our discussion on how we want to proceed in finalizing and delivering our first deliverable (1a) for the Landscape Review to the stakeholder community. Additionally, we discussed plans for our “Defined Standards Selection Criteria” document as supporting material for our next deliverable (1b) coming up stemming from our review. Please see the collaborative notes from today prior to our next meeting. We are working to get the recording from today added to our notes shortly.

    The next WG meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 10th at 14:00-15:00 UTC (you can check your local time here). A preliminary agenda and details about our guest speaker will be shared with all members in the coming weeks.

    Thank you to all members for your participation. This group is very enthusiastic and have made a very productive start, and look forward to continued progress in the coming meetings!

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    On behalf of the RDA Multi-Omics WG Co-Chairs, many thanks,

    Lindsey (Co-chair)

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    Connie Clare

    Thank you to the co-chairs, Lindsey, David and Tim, and to the dedicated WG members for your wonderful collaboration and enthusiasm during the first 6 months of this working group.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the group and have been impressed by the quality and quantity of work you have already achieved.

    I intend to keep my eye on the progress and look forward to seeing the final deliverables when they are submitted/endorsed.

    All the best and please do reach out if you have specific questions for me 🙂


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