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RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix WG Kick-off meeting

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    Connie Clare

    Dear [prospective] WG member,
    You are receiving this email as you are a current member of, or expressed an interest in becoming a member of, the RDA-OfR Creating a Multi-Omics Metadata Schema Standard Reporting Matrix Working Group.
    Welcome to this new RDA group! If you are not yet a member you can join from this page. You can also read the WG Case Statement for more information about the groups aims, objectives, deliverables, and work plan.
    Join the kick-off meeting:
    The WG co-chairs are delighted to welcome you to the kick-off meeting for the group on Wednesday 29 November at 15:00-16:00 UTC.
    Zoom link:
    Preliminary agenda
    Time (UTC)
    Meeting agenda item
    15:00 – 15:10
    Welcome and housekeeping
    * Introduction to the RDA
    * Introduction to the facilitator and co-chairs
    Connie Clare
    15:10 – 15:20
    Introduction to the WG: Setting expectations and building buy-in
    * Background
    * Aims/objectives
    * Deliverables
    * Milestones & proposed timeline
    David Molik
    15:20 – 15:25
    Getting to know WG members: Menti
    Lindsey Anderson
    15:25 – 15:40
    Overview of -Omics resources used as training materials
    Lindsey Anderson
    15:45 – 15:55
    15:55 – 16:00
    Closing remarks and next steps
    Tim Van Den Bossche
    Meeting documentation:
    All future meeting collaborative notes, presentation slides, and deliverables will be documented at the bottom of the WG webpage.
    If you have any questions about this meeting or the Working Group, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the facilitator (***@***.*** or the WG co-chairs, in copy.
    We look forward to starting work with you at the end of the month!
    Many thanks and best wishes,
    (On behalf of the co-chairs: David, Lindsey, and Tim)

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