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Webinar: Best practice recommendations through exemplar Data Management Plans in the Data Stewardship Wizard

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    Korbinian Bösl

    Dear RDA-Norway,
    we kindly invite you for a webinar about a new feature in the Data
    Stewardship Wizard (DSW) for Norway (
    for creating data management plans (DMPs) compliant with best practices
    in specific domains – in our case in the life sciences.
    Friday, 08 April 2022 @ 09:00 – 11:00
    The new feature allows the user to start from a pre-filled questionnaire
    (“Exemplar DMP”) containing recommendations provided by domain experts.
    This feature was developed in a collaboration between the BioMedData
    infrastructure ( coordinated
    by ELIXIR-NO and the Data Stewardship Wizard team from ELIXIR-CZ.
    We will show and discuss exemplar DMPs from Norwegian research
    infrastructures involved in BioMedData:
    * genomics (NorSeq, NIMG)
    * proteomics (NAPI)
    * imaging (NALMIN; NorMOLIM)
    * biodiversity (GBIF Norway)
    * macromolecular crystallography (NorCryst)
    * high throughput screening (NOR-OPENSCREEN)
    We would like to encourage research advisors and support staff to attend
    this webinar to learn about this solution for improved data management
    planning in critical phases.
    Kind regards,
    BioMedData coordinators

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