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Reminder: The DLN FAIR data award 2022

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    Korbinian Bösl

    Dear all,
    please help us to spread the call for candidates for the DLN FAIR data
    award 2022.
    The Centre for Digital Life Norway encourages open science and FAIR data
    management. For the second time, we are highlighting and rewarding
    outstanding examples of life science researchers in Norway who have
    managed their data according to the FAIR principles. The deadline for
    nominating candidates is January 31^st , 2023.
    Original illustration: / RWGusev, FAIR logo derived from
    CODATA under CC-BY
    Deadline for nominating candidates: *January 31^st 2023*
    Amount of support: *10,000 NOK*
    *In order to highlight leading examples of FAIR data management in
    Norwegian life science research, DLN is for the second time by
    conferring the DLN FAIR data award. *Eligible data sets are those
    created by researchers based in Norway and focused on life science
    research. The research does not have to be affiliated with the Centre
    for Digital Life. The data can, but do not have to, be associated with a
    scientific publication.
    FAIR data management aims to increase the reuse and impact of research
    data and is an important part of the Open Science initiative. FAIR
    principles encourage making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and
    Reusable. This allows a wider community to use existing data and
    facilitate knowledge discovery. Following the principle of “as open as
    possible, as closed as necessary”, FAIR data should always be
    interoperable and reusable, but cannot always be possible to access
    openly (for example, patient sensitive data cannot be directly
    accessible, but it should be possible to know how to obtain access for
    specific research questions).
    From the nominees, DLN will select *the best FAIR data in Norwegian
    life science of 2022*, to be awarded a prize of 10.000 NOK and will be
    highlighted through our network. The money will be transferred to the
    associated project(s) and can be spent within the frames set by
    governmental regulations.
    *The winner will be selected based on the following criteria:*
    1. As the state of the art of FAIR data varies across domains and
    techniques, it will be considered how ambitious the data management
    is within the related research domain
    *How to make a nomination:*
    * Use the registration form found above
    * Provide a persistent identifier (for example a DOI); maximum 3 per
    * Give a short explanation of why you believe this data deserves the
    DLN FAIR data award
    If you have questions about the award, please contact:
    Marta Eide, ***@***.***
    Korbinian Bösl, ***@***.***

    Korbinian Bösl, PhD
    Data Management Coordinator
    ELIXIR Norway/Centre for Digital Life Norway
    Computational Biology Unit, University of Bergen

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