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RDA Newsletter September 2022

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    Trond Kvamme

    Hi all,
    just wanted to share the RDA Organisational Assembly newsletter. See below.
    The newsletter contains information about new recommendations and other outputs from different working groups and interest groups, in addition to links to new groups.
    See also information about upcoming events and available webinars, podcasts and other recordings.

    RDA Organisational Assembly  Newsletter 
    September 2022 
    RDA Endorsed Recommendations and Supporting Outputs  
    June-Sept 2022 
    Recommendations are generated by the Working Groups which then go through an endorsement process beginning with community review carried out on the RDA platform.  Supporting and Other Outputs are generated by both Working and Interest Groups and only require community review. 
    1. 10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research 
    23-minute video presentation 
    2. FAIR Principles for Research Software (FAIR4RS Principles) 
    19-minute video presentation 
    Supporting Outputs 
    1. 23 Things Physical Samples 
    2. Core Characteristics of Learning Resource Collectors 
    3. Recommendations for a Minimal Metadata to Aid Harmonised Discovery of Learning Resources 
    New Groups 
    1. Life Science Data Infrastructures IG  endorsed June 
    2. FAIR Principles for Research Hardware IG  endorsed July 
    3. Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation (AIDV) WG  endorsed September 
    4. FAIR for Machine Learning (FAIR4ML) IG (currently in Council review) 
    New Partners / Organisational Members 
    Hindawi – profile details coming soon  
    RDA Organisational and Affiliate Members 
    Upcoming Events 
    Plenary 20, Gothenburg, Sweden 21-23 March – Celebrating a Decade of Data 
    Call for sessions now open.  Submit your proposal for a Birds of a Feather session. Deadline 31st October. 
    P20 Co-located events – Would your organisation like to organise a specific research data related event on 20th or 24th March?  Visit RDA P20 Co-located events for further details. 
    Webinars, Podcasts, Recordings 
    P19 Session recordings 
    View all breakout sessions here 
    View all plenary sessions here 
    RDA Webinar Series – Highlighting RDA Outputs 
    Introducing 10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research 
    Watch the recording here 
    Collaborations across Latin America 
    Designing and Constructing Research Data Repositories – Examples in Latin America – Spanish Recording 
    Data Streams – the new RDA Podcast  
    All episodes here 
    Episode 2 – Co-chairs Discussion about the new RDA Data Repository Attributes WG 
    Episode 3 – Meet the New RDA Data Granularity WG 
    Episode 4 – RDA Sensitive Data IG discussion with co-chairs 

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