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Register for Workshop: Using ePADD to Appraise, Process, and Provide Access to Historically and Culturally Valuable Email Collections

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    Lisa de Leeuw

    You are cordially invited to join us for more celebrations on World Digital Preservation Day, with the newly added workshop on Email archiving, organized by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (DHN) and the Digital Preservation Coalition, together with Stanford University! 
    Using ePADD to Appraise, Process, and Provide Access to Historically and Culturally Valuable Email Collections
    Thursday 29 November, 10.00-12.00 AM, Amsterdam Museum
    Limited availability: 20 people
    To register, please email:
    About the workshop
    This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and experience to begin to implement ePADD at their institution in order to appraise, process, and provide access to email archives in their collections. There will be a brief lecture and discussion that focuses on the motivation for development of the software, and a comparison of the software in the context of other tools and services. Several technical concepts will be introduced. The remainder of the workshop will be devoted to demonstration and hands-on exercises taking users through specific modules and functionalities.
    What will you learn?
    Participants will learn how to ingest email in ePADD from MBOX files or through IMAP, the processes ePADD carries out upon ingest (de-duplication, name resolution, named entity recognition/ classification), how to instruct a donor on appraising and transferring their own email, how to use browse and search features to screen for and restrict confidential or sensitive messages and attachments, how to annotate messages, how to assign authority records to correspondents using ePADD, and how to export mail between ePADD modules. Participants will also learn how researchers can use these same tools within ePADD to discover, browse, and search relevant messages, including how they can review and request specific messages and attachments.
    Who is it for?
    The workshop will be beneficial for all those with a responsibility or interest in appraising, processing, and providing access to email archives, or who are interested in familiarizing themselves with the technologies utilized to accomplish these goals, in order to potentially apply them to other file genres or formats. 
    More information & Registration 
    The workshop is free and will be provided by Josh Schneider, Assistant University Archivist at Stanford University. Please bring your own device.
    Please be informed we only have availability for 20 participants and registration will be on a first come, first served basis.  
    To register please email:

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