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NetCDF at the 4TU.Centre for Research Data – Completed Report published

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    Lisa de Leeuw

    4TU.ResearchData has published the completed version of their report on 4TU.ResearchData and the NetCDF format.  NetCDF is a numeric format used within the climate and atmospheric sciences and oceanography, and comprises over 90% (in terms of both size and DOIs) of the data held in their archive.
    The main conclusions are: 
    ·         that the creators and users of the netCDF data stored in 4TU.ResearchData represent heterogeneous research communities within the Earth sciences.
    ·         creators have different views and attitudes to data archiving and data publishing, and store netCDF datasets with very different spatio-temporal characteristics in the archive.
    ·         any new and current netCDF services continue to be relevant to these communities will require taking this diversity into account.
    ·         A need for training and guidance – particularly on data management aspects related to documentation, metadata standards and conventions – is the common thread uniting these communities. This will provide the way forward for 4TU.ResearchData to build a community of data depositors and users.
    The report, written by Maria Cruz and Egbert Gramsbergen, is available at

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