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FW: The EOSC Future Project and RDA Announces New Calls for Funding

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    Dear all,
    In case you have not received this already, some new funding opportunities for Domain ambassadors and RDA outputs adoption grants with a deadline on the 15th of September.
    Wishing a nice summer break!
    Kind regards,
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    Subject: [RDA Newsletter] The EOSC Future Project and RDA Announces New Calls for Funding
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    Thursday 21 July 2022
    The EOSC Future Project and RDA Announces New Calls for Funding
    The EOSC Future Project is developing an environment to deliver professional data services, open research products and infrastructure that will support European researchers in managing the data lifecycle. To enable early adoption of the EOSC environment, RDA and EOSC have issued the following open calls targeting scientific communities, technical experts and early career researchers, backed by a grant funded by EOSC Future with the aim of enabling bottom-up engagement of the RDA community in EOSC:
    1. RDA / EOSC Future Domain Ambassadors #2
    * Amount: €10.000,00 per grant
    * Objective: Promote data sharing and open science practices in specific discipline
    * Closing date: 15 Sept 2022 / 04:00 CET
    2. Cross Disciplinary Science Adoption Grants #2
    * Amount: €50.000,00 per grant
    * Objective: Leverage RDA standards, outputs and recommendations to demonstrate multi-disciplinary data sharing across disciplines using the services of the EOSC portal
    * Closing date: 15 Sept 2022 / 04:00 CET
    Note, the project continues to look for external evaluators for these RDA Open Calls. If you are interested, learn more here .
    Lastly, in case you missed it, grantees from previous open calls were announced in earlier communications. View the list of recipients and their related projects .
    Questions on any aspects of the calls? Email: RDA Open Calls
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