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RE: [Rdaeu-bod] [rdaeu-sustainability] Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report

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    Thanks Silvana.
    We indeed discussed this briefly and services are an interesting point.
    Guess at the next opportunity we will discuss this more intensively.
    fotis should take steps.
    Peter Wittenburg Tel: +49 15141858784 ***@***.***;
    Max Planck Computing and Data Facility
    RDA Europe Director
    From: Silvana Muscella [mailto:***@***.***]
    Sent: Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017 10:17
    To: Fotis Karagiannis; Wittenburg, Peter; RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability
    Cc: RDA EU Board of Directors
    Subject: Re: [Rdaeu-bod] [rdaeu-sustainability] Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report
    Dear fotis, Peter et al,
    I appreciate the call is on now and I know Timea will articulate these 3 points I raise below – first thank you Fotis for pooling the document together- my main observations are the following:
    1. The national node workplan that has been constructed nicely & circulated 2 weeks ago describes how the national node practical & measurable terms going forward that is missing from this report – I am sure the EC will want to see in this report the very close transition between the RDA Europe 3 & RDA Europe 4 – Timea can send that template to you all again if you do not recall it;
    2. The joint & individual dissemination & exploitation plans listed under RDA Europe 4 under each of the regional & national synergies compliment point 1 above & recognises the individual sustainability which I believe is missing from the report;
    3) “Data Being Certified” I have returned form the 2nd f2f EOSC HELG meeting which took place yesterday an interestingly one of the take-aways to include in the Interim report is the following observation:
    A Role that could be carried out on an EU level is a certification level, seals etc – we introduce a level of trust Open Access – this is far better done on a continental level rather than on a national level. Data is disseminated effectively if they are available and made open (or rather as open as possible, as close as necessary) through trusted and certified repositories and respect FAIR principles enabling re-use into data products (with related recognition/citation for the data producer, curators) potentially generating innovation and added value so we would have buy-in from :
    1. Member States: – They see that the research institutes & researchers have a listed number of certified service
    2. Researchers: – See their publishable results as Open Access and CERTIFIED – build their reputation as this is an incentive & they obtain recognition;
    3. Research Infrastructures: have their products/services obtain a “seal of approval” or accepted “certification”
    4. eInfrastructures: as above – have their products/services obtain a “seal of approval” or accepted “certification”.
    So envisaging this
    Could RDA consider pursuing the idea of light certification /seals of approval with an RDA stamp on them as a way forward on some of the outputs & recommendations?
    This moves also the thinking to a more “RDA Service Oriented FORUM”which will inevitably have buy-in from each of the above 4 groups
    i hope you have a productive call
    best wishes silvana
    Il 25/10/2017 02:35, Fotis Karagiannis ha scritto:
    Dear Peter, all,
    I agree with your points. I have integrated the points on 2.2 and 2.3, besides the FAIR Implementation Expert Group. If you or Leif can write a paragraph I can integrate it.
    Regarding 4, I agree, and I have added a sentence at the end of section 3 (after the financial sub-section) along your lines.
    Regarding 5, this is clear, but we need to converge first on 4 (see Francoise’s comments), before proceeding to the recommendations.
    Kind regards,
    From: peter.wittenburg=***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] On Behalf Of Peter Wittenburg
    Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 1:49 PM
    To: Fotis Karagiannis ; RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability
    Cc: RDA EU Board of Directors
    Subject: Re: [rdaeu-sustainability] Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report
    Dear Fotis, all,
    since I could not get you, Fotis, to a skype call, let me make my points quickly.
    wrt 2.2
    We should add short descriptions about ITU, OAI, DONA which are busy working on some aspects. I could draft paragraphs.
    We should also mention the FAIR Implementation Expert group where a few of us are in. Leif or I can draft a short formulation.
    We should not only refer to ELXIR when mentioning sci communities. This creates much sensitivity, since as you know some communities have been FAIR already some years ago, but they are not so loud as others perhaps. So I would like to see references to astronomy (IVOA or so), climate modelling (ENES) and CLARIN at least.
    wrt 4
    I believe that we should make assumptions about how funding of RDA may evolve from 2018 on and have a few scenarios. One is that industry jumps in substantiall and that EC, NSF will turn down their funding stepwise. We need to discuss such scenarios and show some simple graphs that go beyond 2020. Only if we set it ass goal to involve industry it will be done.
    We need to state clearly what we can expect from national nodes. From a German only perspective I can clearly state that there will not be much money as contribution. And RDA DE will make a contract with RDA Global and not with RDA EU. We should be clear about this or indicate possibilities.
    wrt 5
    The recommendations will reflect of course on what is stated in 4.
    Peter Wittenburg Tel: +49 15141858784 ***@***.***;
    Max Planck Computing and Data Facility
    RDA Europe Director
    From: Rdaeu-bod [mailto:***@***.***] On Behalf Of Fotis Karagiannis
    Sent: Dienstag, 26. September 2017 04:18
    To: RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability
    Cc: RDA EU Board of Directors
    Subject: Re: [Rdaeu-bod] Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report
    Dear all,
    Now that the RDA Plenary is over, it would be good if you can review the document and provide your comments. As I wrote below, it is still a draft and we need to agree on some possible scenarios for sustainability. I would appreciate if you can send your comments until the 5th of October.
    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,
    – Show quoted text -From: Fotis Karagiannis
    Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 7:13 AM
    To: RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability ; RDA EU Board of Directors
    Subject: Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report
    Hi all,
    Please find attached the next version of the Task Force report trying to take into account as many as possible of your comments from the Munich meeting. I have also made a first (hasty) landscape analysis, but it needs more work.
    It is yet a draft report -work in progress but it now includes some of your ideas. I didn’t have the time for proof-reading, but it is better to send it now.
    Please have a look and let me know your comments.
    It may be early to send it to the RDA Global; on the other hand it may be the case that the sooner we start the interactions the faster we will converge. Your views are appreciated on this also.
    All the best,

    Fotis Karayannis, Dr. Eng.
    RDA secretariat-OAB liaison
    ATHENA Research Center
    Phone: +30 211 1206 431
    Mobile: +30 6945 878784
    Skype: fotis71
    Twitter: fkarayan
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