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Re: [Rdaeu-bod] [rdaeu-sustainability] Next version of RDA EU TF on sustainability report

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    Dear fotis, Peter et al,
    I appreciate the call is on now and I know Timea will articulate these 3
    points I raise below  – first thank you Fotis for pooling the document
    together- my main observations are the following:
    1. The *national node workplan *that has been constructed nicely &
    circulated 2 weeks ago describes how the *_national node practical &
    measurable terms_ *going forward that is missing from this report  – I
    am sure the EC will want to see in this report the very close transition
    between the RDA Europe 3 & RDA Europe 4  – Timea can send that template
    to you all again if you do not recall it;
    2. The *joint & individual dissemination & exploitation plans *listed
    under RDA Europe 4 under each of the regional & national synergies
    compliment point 1 above & recognises the individual sustainability
    which I believe is missing from the report;
    3) *”Data Being Certified” *I have returned form the 2nd f2f EOSC HELG
    meeting which took place yesterday an interestingly one of the
    *take-aways *to include in the Interim report is the following observation:
    A Role that could be carried out on an EU level is a *certification
    level, seals* etc – we introduce a level of trust *Open Access*– this is
    far better done on a continental level rather than on a national level.
    Data is disseminated effectively if they are available and made open (or
    rather as open as possible, as close as necessary) through trusted and
    *certified repositories *and respect *FAIR principles enabling re-use
    into data products *(with related recognition/citation for the data
    producer, curators) potentially generating innovation and added value so
    we would have buy-in from :
    1. ***Member States*:- They see that the research institutes &
    researchers have a listed number of certified service
    2. *Researchers*: – See their publishable results as Open Access and
    CERTIFIED -build their reputation as this is an incentive & they
    obtain recognition;
    3. ***Research Infrastructures*: have their products/services obtain a
    “seal of approval” or accepted “certification”
    4. *eInfrastructures*: as above – have their products/services obtain a
    “seal of approval” or accepted “certification”.
    So envisaging this
    *Could RDA consider pursuing the idea of light certification /seals of
    approval with an RDA stamp on them as a way forward on some of the
    outputs & recommendations? *
    *This moves also the thinking to a more  “RDA Service Oriented
    FORUM”which will inevitably have buy-in from each of the above 4 groups
    i hope you have a productive call
    best wishes silvana

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