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Report on the Ambassador programme

  • Creator
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    Francoise Genova

    Dear all,
    Attached you will find the final version of the Ambassador programme
    report. The structure has evolved a bit from the draft one, thanks to
    Ingvill’s comments.
    Many thanks again, /merci beaucoup/, for your willingness to participate
    in this endeavour, and the really interesting information, thoughts and
    messages you shared.
    All the best to all of you


  • Author
  • #129643

    Eva Méndez

    Thanks you Francoise!!!! for taking the most and the best of our work and
    The report is fantastic. Let us know when it will be public in Zenodo? or
    so to spread the word #RDAmbassador
    All the best and thanks again
    El jue., 1 oct. 2020 a las 9:21, Francoise Genova via RDA Europe
    Ambassadors () escribió:

  • #129642

    Thanks for the kind words. At present my understanding is that the
    report is not supposed to be public, just shared within the project and
    with RDA Global. We will check with the project about possible
    All best

  • #129641

    Eva Méndez

    Ok. Just let us know. It will be very nice to disseminate it!!!
    El jue., 1 oct. 2020 a las 11:10, Francoise Genova via RDA Europe
    Ambassadors () escribió:

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