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Draft Response from SSHOC and CESSDA on COVID-19

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    Iryna Kuchma

    Dear colleagues,
    Ingrid and Ron Dekker, director of CESSDA and coordinator of SSHOC, have
    kindly shared the attached draft describing their COVID initiative. And
    they would like to get this aligned with our work in the subgroup. Please
    have a look and let’s discuss this on Thursday.
    (Just a reminder that we’ve agreed to meet every Thursday from now on at
    our usual time and at the same meeting link: May 7, 14, 21, 28, and June 4
    and 11 at 11am UTC at; and I’ve also
    added dates, time and links to the WG events page:
    Have a nice weekend,
    Best wishes,
    Iryna, Amy and Ingrid


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    Wim HUGO

    Hi, Everyone
    SAEON has developed, in a very short space of time, a commendable data
    resource for COVID-19 data dissemination. This was possible partly because
    the infrastructure for rapid development of decision support systems, based
    on properly published, standardised global change datasets, was already
    available. The platform combines multi-disciplinary data sets in a single
    point of access (demography, health, climate and global change drivers,
    amongst others), even though some of the datasets may be hosted elsewhere.
    The resource can be accessed here:
    A summary of available infographics can be accessed here:
    The team responsible for this was lead by Claire Davis-Reddy and managed by
    Nicky Allsopp (former colleagues), and in my view the work can serve as an
    exemplar of an approach that should be achievable in most countries.
    You can cite the resource as follows: *Davis-Reddy, C.L. Hilgart, A.
    Wilson, H., Keebine, G. and Mfopa, C. 2020. COVID-19 Preparedness
    Indicators: search, visualise, download and create. South African
    Environmental Observation Network, Pretoria. *
    I hope this is helpful. At the very least, it can serve as a source of
    indicator definitions (to provide focus to the guidance developed by our
    working group), and to emphasise the importance of having a wide variety of
    standardised data endpoints, described with proper metadata, readily
    Best wishes,
    On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 3:57 PM Iryna Kuchma via RDA-COVID19-Social-Sciences

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