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What is a decision/navigation tree?

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    Claire Austin

    By decision/navigation tree, do you mean something like the mind map in Figure 1 from Epi sub-WG’s release #2?
    Figure 1. Epidemiology surveillance data model (v0.02). Contributed by Dr. Jay Greenfield, developed from discussions during RDA-COVID19-EPI Work Group meetings.
    NOTE: We’re working on fixing the resolution.

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    Hi Claire,
    I’ve been pondering the same question. First, I think we need to
    suppliment the long form document with a visual, quick to navigate tool, to
    allow the reader to easily find the relevant recommendations and guidelines
    without having to spend time reading a 50 page document. So something like
    what you’ve attached would be a good starting point for us to consider.
    Regardless of what form the tool would look, what it needs (in my view) is
    to be able to navigate so that someone can go,
    I’m a (*Researcher/data curator/developer/policy maker*) and I am working
    on (*clincal/omics/social/community data*) and I want to do (*A/B/C*), what
    do I need to know?
    and the tool should guide them to the relevant recommendations/guidelines
    that we are putting forward.
    – Kheeran
    On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 12:09 AM caustin via RDA COVID19 Coordination <
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