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Re: [rda-portugal][rda-covid19][rda-covid19-community] (*) COVID-19: Mega-DB [Brasil]

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    Dear RDA COVID 19 group
    I am part of the implementation effort of this large COVID19 data repository, with
    open data from 75,000 Brazilian patients. To be incremented periodically with new
    Brazilian data.
    As posted by RDA-Portugal (my profuse thanks), on June 17 we launched a pilot
    dataset from 300 patients, and welcome all of you to check, test, and report your
    remarks and suggestions.
    Two important issues:
    a) The whole is in Portuguese only. This is one of the many compromises we had to
    make to ensure immediate availability, so that we can provide a fast response to
    demands from researchers.
    b) It is based on (and takes advantage of) a previously constructed open research
    data repository network (launched in dec 2019), which was built with expansibility
    in mind – took 3 years from design to delivery.
    Thanks to (b), we have been able to conceive, design and deliver the data to the
    world in 1 month (including all legal contracts among the healthcare centers that
    are providing the data.
    The network mentioned in (b) was constructed following many RDA recommendations
    and with help of many RDA members
    My many thanks to RDA-Portugal for posting this in our rda-covid19 network, and also
    thanks to all of you who check, test, and provide feedback by June 24.
    The full dataset will become available – and open – on July 1st, at the same address.
    — Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, member of RDA Council, and of rda-covid19

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    Joao Miranda

    Good day!

    Are the kind colleagues aware that FAPESP (BR)
    has already launched the mega-repository of COVID-19 data?


    Very much thanking your kind attention,
    the link and the text follows at once!


    << COVID-19 Data Sharing/BR is an initiative of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in collaboration with the University of São Paulo and participation of Fleury Institute, Sírio-Libanês Hospital and Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital. Its goal is to publish open COVID-19 data to contribute to and foster research related to this topic.

    This initiative makes available three kinds of anonymized data: demographics (gender, year of birth, and region of residency), clinical and lab exams, and hospitalization information – when available (including primary endpoints, and patient transfers).

    Each institution has made available a data dictionary that documents its records.

    Any kind of publication that uses this data must reference it by the following citation:

    “This work used data obtained from the COVID-19 Data Sharing/BR, available at”

    Contact e-mail:  >> (sic)


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