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Re: [rda-covid19-clinical] Time of meeting is 13.00 UTC – Confirmation Clinical sub-group RDA COVID19 meeting 10 June is taking place-

  • Creator
  • #103993

    Anne Cambon-Thomsen

    Dear all,
    *The hour of our meeting is as usual 13.00 UTC today* at
    as indicated in the
    rolling agenda (*NOT *11.00 UTC). I mixed up with another subgroup
    meeting and I really apologises not to have checked that before sending
    the e-mail.
    With all my regrets for spamming your mail  inbox!
    Anne Cambon-Thomsen

  • Author
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    I am very sorry for having missed our meeting. Unfortunately, coming back
    to work after the end of the lockdown I can never guess when free from
    institutional commitments. I apologize.
    Il giorno mer 10 giu 2020 alle ore 09:10 cambonthomsen via
    RDA-COVID19-Clinical ha scritto:

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