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Re: RDA / CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations WG meeting

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    Ryan O’Connor

    Dear DSTS for Crisis Situations WG members,
    Following on from our regular WG meeting last week, there are a few areas where the co-chairs would like to invite input from you as WG members.
    As flagged previously, the co-chairs are keen to get all WG members’ input on the next steps for the Group; to do this, we have set up a Jamboard to allow you to provide your thoughts and comments on 1) The WG’s next steps, 2) What activities members would like to contribute to, and 3) Members’ recommended tools and platforms for this work.
    Please provide your input to the Jamboard by 18:00 UTC next Monday 26 February. The WG co-chairs are eager to include WG members in setting the agenda for the WG and your input here is valuable and much appreciated. Your input here will be distilled by the co-chairs and developed into the WG’s workplan to being the mapping of existing data systems, tools, and services for crises situations. Please access the Jamboard here:… (thank you to those who have already provided your input).
    We have also set up two drop-in rooms for members to join during the week if they would like to discuss with other WG members and co-chairs about what they would like to contribute to the WG and the Jamboard. Please feel free to join either of these drop-ins:
    * Tuesday 20 Feb @ 14:00UTC:… Meeting ID 837 0137 5437 Passcode 123
    * Wednesday 21 Feb @ 22:00UTC: Meeting ID: 956 5899 6629 Passcode: 029163
    For those who could not join or had to leave before the end of the regular WG meeting last Monday, please access this link for a recording of the brief presentation from and discussion with Erik Van Winkle from DeSci Labs:… Passcode: #22Hm$Hd.
    Finally, co-chair Stefanie Kethers would like to notify you all of a webinar on real-time tropical cyclone data for impact organised by Natural Hazard Research Australia on 27 February 2024:…. The webinar is taking place at AEDT (00:00 UTC), but previous webinars have been recorded and provided on the respective webinar pages afterwards.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and, as always, please get in touch if there is anything that needs to be clarified.
    Ryan (on behalf of WG co-chairs)
    Ryan O’Connor
    Senior Facilitator, RDA TIGER
    Research Data Alliance Association (Europe) AISBL
    Skype: live:roconnor101 | ORCID:
    Work days: Monday – Thursday. Please do not feel obliged to reply to this email outside your working hours.
    From: Ryan O’Connor
    Date: Thursday, 8 February 2024 at 16:33
    To: RDA / CODATA DataSystems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations WG
    Cc: Vladimir Urošević , Hanna Koivula , Myra Cheng , Germain Forestier , Jacqueline Stephens , Jonathan Starr , Burcak Basbug , Arthur Mwang’onda , Francis P. Crawley , ***@***.*** , Niels Deriemaecker , Kylie Black , ***@***.***
    Subject: RDA / CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations WG meeting
    Dear DSTS for Crisis Situations WG members,
    Ahead of the WG meeting on Monday 12 Feb @ 08:00 UTC, please see the provisional agenda and zoom link below:
    The main topics will be to finalise a WG session application for the upcoming RDA Plenary and to gather some of your feedback on the WG’s planned activity. Some of you have already provided your comments and suggestions on this planned activity – thank you – but to get some more responses we will use a Jamboard (i.e., digital whiteboard) for people to provide more feedback during the session. This Jamboard is already set up with the link available through the agenda; if you cannot join the session on Monday the co-chairs and I invite you to add your input here before the meeting if possible.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.
    Ryan O’Connor (RDA Association) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    Topic: RDA / CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations WG meeting
    Time: Feb 12, 2024 08:00 AM Dublin
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 951 0301 6871
    Passcode: 666530
    Dear DSTS for Crisis Situations WG members,
    The next meeting of the RDA / CODATA Data Systems, Tools, and Services for Crisis Situations Working Group will take place on Monday 12 February at 08:00-09:00 UTC.
    Here is a link to the rolling agenda / notes document:…. I will update this invite with the zoom link we will use closer to the meeting.
    Thank you,
    Ryan (on behalf of WG co-chairs)

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