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The Road to Melbourne – How to get the most out of the Plenary

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    Stefanie Kethers

    RDA Plenaries are not like typical academic conferences. Instead, the main part of a Plenary is made up by breakout sessions where RDA members come together to work towards the goals on RDA Interest and Working Groups in Group Sessions, explore synergies between existing groups in Joint Sessions, or run Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions to propose new topics and challenges for the community to work on.


    Plenaries are exciting events with great opportunities to network and connect with international experts from a variety of communities – researchers, librarians, IT specialists, funders, policy makers – that you would not usually find in the same place at the same time. However, you will get much more from the Plenary if you start to explore and engage with RDA some time before coming to the Plenary. The infographic below illustrates suggested activities and timeframes, some of which can start 5-6 months prior to the Plenary. Several of the activities are linked to pages on the RDA Web site. Please have a look at the infographic (also attached to this page).


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