Telecon notes


3 Sep 2013 Organizing Committee telecon


Attendees: Mark, Jamie, Stephanie, Trinh

Finalizing the program
- Trinh's team will review. Final changes and proof in today. To press this week.
- Finalize "packet" and when to send
ACTION: Mark to work with Hilary on final PDF of prgram. 
ACTION: Mark to follow up with Fran on Welcome letter and how many print copies will be needed.
ACTION: Trinh to write logistics letter which will serve as a cover for the Fran, Sayeed, Mark letter.
- Should we meet the day before to review final preparations?
Trinh and crew will be there and set up by 8:00. We can meet briefly that morning if need be.
ACTION: Program Walk through program Thursday at 10 AM Eastern. Have another call 13 Sep at 10 Eastern.
- Update on Dinner. Will we need a bus or something?
We will need a bus. Program will say bus leaves at 6:45
- Web con facilities for TAB and breakouts
Remote TAB candidates will connect via skype.
Action: Mark to get skype names and warn people. If they prerecord we need to get early.
- Press  and lunch "room" update
One side room available using for WG/TAB lunch and press.  We'll 
- Are speakers all registered?
ACTION: Trinh follow up with Timea
ACTION: Follow up with Kalil as to whether we can comp him
ACTION: Mark review Trinh's comp list
process for speakers
As speakers are checked in. Trinh walks them to Jamie who introduces them to Fran, Sayeed, and/or Mark. We'll work out more details in the progrtam walk thru.



27 Aug 2013 Organizing Committee telecon


Attendees: Mark, Jamie, Stephanie, Trinh

Finalizing the program
ACTION: Trinh and Steph to get proof of current version now
ACTION: Steph to swap logo order and slightly reduce NIST but not ANDS
Badge order: NSF, NIST, EC, ANDS
ACTION: All notify Stephanie of any changes to schedule by Thursday
We will make final call on printing at next week's telecon .
     Breakfast--pastries, fruit, coffee and tea
     morn breaks--refresh coffee
     aft breaks--something simple maybe healthy with coffee
    Afternoon break on Wednesday--just leave a coffee urn out.
press room
On Monday only, we need a small space with a few tables for quiet interviews or questions to Public Affairs Officers
Need access to internet
Keep it simple
ACTION: Trinh to investigate
Room lay out
U-shaped with projecter at the top of the U and chairs arouind the outside
ACTION: Trinh to get the best internet possible, preferably ethernet cable (1) into each room.
ACTION: Mark to find out who really needs web conferencing and how it would be done, including whther we need mikes.
Dot voting
ACTION: Trinh to set up easels next to the registration desk on Monday and Tuesday and large sheets in all the breakout rooms to capture discussion topics.
ACTION: Trinh to arrange for there to be 5-8 dots in each badge and for a small signat the registration desk saying what they are for and that people should keep them.
DECISION: Trinh will run cancellations after 30 August by Mark



20 Aug 2013 Organizing Committee telecon


Attendees: Mark, Jamie, Stephanie, Trinh

We reviewed the program. Stephanie will add the Sect help desk schedule, make thge map a bit bigger, and try and arrange the back so it looks nicer with the badge in front. We will finalize program by the end of the week, discuss a final program at next call, then do a final proof read and print. American English (and miles) will be used.
We will use the upper left badge from Trinh with the RDA logo at the top and the sponsors below. Trinhg has the correct NSF logo.
We will review the post event survey next week.
Trinh will make two signs for use at both venues either labelling the Registration desk or providing directions.
Posters will be portrait orientation, i.e. 4 ft tall by 3 ft wide.
ACTION: Mark to send out numbers for press officer cal.

13 Aug 2013 Organizing Committee telecon

Attendees: Mark, Sayeed, Hilary, Jamie, Stephanie Renfrow, Stephanie Hines (CMP)

Program update
  • The Program is very nearly complete.
  • Tom Kalil has agreed to speak.
  • Mark has sent out a last call for breakout sessions. We give priority to existing WG/IGs and then others as possible. We are keeping one room reserved for last minute additions/changes
  • All posters will be accepted (unless wildly divergent)
  • We still need to hear from the biodiversity group for the organizational panel. Hilary will follow up. Bob Hanisch from IVOA can be a back up.
Post event Survey
DECISION: We will do a survey focussed primarily on content, asking questions about venue and logistics only in so much that it affects work. ITTrust will implement this on line.
ACTION: Stephanie R. to come up wiuth initial questions. (Mark will introduce her to Andrew, the P3 chair)
Tent Cards
DECISION: We will have name cards for panelist, not keynote speakers. Trinh will print and group by session for Jamie to distribute. Hilary will produce chair notes.
Rapporteuring and outreach
RDA/Europe is supporting 14-16 people to attend. In return they are obligated to contribute in some way--tweet, blog, etc. The Program Committee also agreed to produce a ~5000 word article for DLib.
ACTION: Hilary and Mark to coordinate contributions leading to a DLib article. Mark will act as lead editor for article.
ACTION: Stephanie R. to coordinate pre and post event press releases
Printing posters
We may or may not do this.
ACTION: CMP to get cost estimate ~$90
Speaker Registrations
ACTION: Timea will cross check registrants agains speakers and register the speakers.
TAB / WG / IG Chair Meeting Monday 16th Sept @ Lunch: Trinh, is it possible to reserve a table / area for 25 people for a lunch meeting that will never happen if we do not organise their seating all together
ACTION: Mark to coordinate with Matt on whether we can give them a room.
Other Business
ACTION: Hilary to send Sect help desk schedule to Stephanie
ACTION: Stephanie to provide draft program by next telecon
Next Telecon Tuesday, 20 Aug. 10:00 AM Eastern. Mark to invite Timea in Hilary's absence


8 Aug 2013 Organizing Committee telecon


Attendees: Mark, Hilary, Jamie, Stephanie, Trinh

- outreach updates--anything  else we  as committee need to do?
ACTION: Everyone, notably Sayeed, should continue to push their contacts regardless that the opening speaker hasn't been chosen
- what sort of welcome letter do we want, if any? What will it say? How will it be delivered? By whom?
DECISION. We will send out an electronic packet shortly before the Plenary with  a welcome letter from Sayeed/Fran or consortium. The packet will be a PDF. The program will also be available in HTML.
ACTION: Mark to figure out who signs the letter.
ACTION: Steph and Hilary will work details of packet contents, layout, etc. in PDf and HTML
ACTION: Steph to put QR code and URL on mini program pointing to packet
- badge dimensions other print materials n stuff.
DECISIONS: We will go with the larger, clear badge holder.  Sponsor logos  will go on the badge to save space in the mini program (except Microsoft Res on the program by the recption). We can eliminate the contact numbers page on the mini program. The packet will include an attendee list with names, affiliations, and nation. Readability is a veryt important aspect of the mini-program
ACTION: Trinh to mail badge holder and printer specs, incl deadline, to Stephanie.
ACTION: Hilary send logos to Trinh and Stephanie
ACTION: Hilary will check on whether the participant list can be dynamically generated, otherwise we'll print one just prior to the packet mailing. 
ACTION: Jamie to  coordinate with Hilary to assemble and print  materials for presenters--tent cards, intros cheat sheets, etc.
DECISION: We will have some basic signage pointing to the registration desk at both venues and maybe some guiding signs outside NAS.
ACTION: Trinh to propose a signage plan and review the map on the mini program.
- Dinner and lunchs
We have two dinner options:
  • The Sequoia-- a nice waterfront restaurant. $17k minimum plus tax, bartender, etc
  • A dinner cruise on the Potomac with entertainment--$100-125 per person inclusive
ACTION: Mark to review budget with Matt/Trinh to decide what we can afford. We like the cruise.
DECIONS: Buffet lunch on Tuesday. Box lunch on Wednesday
ACTION: Trinh to investigate how lunch on Monday might best work.
DECISION: Webcast will be live but need not include a transcript. People should be able to ask questions by typing online.
ACTION: Trinh to confirm who and what equipment will be used for Webcast--NAS or outside contractor.
managing poster submissions
ACTION: Hilary to maintain a spreadsheet  (incl. contact info) of all the posters and then produce a comprehensive listing in Sept. to be linked from the agenda and participant packet.
ACTION: Trinh(?) to contact all poster presenters prior to the meeting about set up (right before reception) and tear down (right after)



22 July 2013 Organizing Committee telecon

Stephanie offered several options for getting the word out and bolstering attendance.

  • paid advertising
  • targeted outreach to Data interested orgs
  • prevail upon people to feature us in their blog, publication, what have you
  • get key people to spread the word. Retweeting is especially useful
  • We brainstormed around this and came up with some names and orgs. We'll ask the Program Committee and RDA Org Comm to add suggestions. It doesn't look like we will pursue paid advertising at this point, but it may be possible to pay for a journalist to come. Do we need a press room?
ACTION: Mark to create initial Google spreadsheet of orgs, contacts etc. and ask people to contribute.
Stephanie also wondered why we have such a small percentage of our membership registering. Possible reasons may be procrastination and travel restrictions. We need to improve our message for the less engaged.
ACTION: Stephanie (with Hilary) to draft a generic notice that people can customize and send out.
ACTION: Mark to assemble various press people to coordinate messaging: Hilary, RPI (Mark M), NSF (Lisa Joy), Australia (Shannon? ask Ross.). One theme might be RDA as a catalyst for community collaboration (data citation example)
We also talked about room requirements?
DECISION: We will try and have the following for the breakouts:
  • Room with tables, rather than a lecture room to facilitate working collaboration.
  • A pen and a tablet of lined paper for each seat and some extras for the room, in case we have more people than can be accommodated at the tables. (optional)
  • A whiteboard or two (if possible).
  • A projector
  • A PA and microphone (two microphones, if possible) Is this really necessary?
  • Flip charts with sticky paper so sheets can be hung on the wall
  • stickies
  • multi-color pens
  • pipe cleaners
  • solid internet
  • figure out BBB groups for each
We then discussed program and poster logistics. Stephanie started laying out the program--typical 3x4 may be too small.
ACTION: All to provide Stephanie with key phone numbers.
ACTION: Trinh to provide Stephanie with a local area map
ACTION: Hilary to contact Sponsors and get them to send logos and a key phrase or two to Stephanie and Hilary for the program and web site.
DECISION: Poster dimensions will be 3'x4' vertically-oriented to allow 4 poster for each board. Pins and/or manila envelopes will be available for people to have handouts with their poster.
There was further discussion after I left. Add any notes as necessary. 

15 July 2013 Organizing Committee telecon


Trinh has lined up the ballroom at the hotel for the reception. It will have plenty of space for posters and stuff.
ACTION: Trinh will send poster board dimensions so we can send out a call out for posters
The dinner locale is still open. The likelihood of rain may preclude cool outdoor options. Trinh continues to investigate.
DECISION: The badges that Trinh put together are good. The program layout that Hilary sent is good, but it needs to be reduced to fit in the badge holder.
ACTION: Trinh to send badge dimensions and suggestions on how thick the thing can be and still fit comfortably in the badge holder.
ACTION: Stephanie Renfrow, to design the program for Trinh to print.
DECISION: We will arrange the breakouts into 8 rooms to allow one room to be kept aside for last minute BOFs etc. on a first come first served basis. We have until the end of the month to finalize rooms with the hotel.
ACTION: Trinh to send a hotel contact to Mark so he can visit when he is in DC on Saturday.
ACTION: Sayeed will pursue student note takers for the breakouts with Jane Greenberg. Their registration fee will be waived.
DECISION: We will use Big Blue Button to connect external people to the breakouts.
ACTION: Trinh will see if we can have an ethernet line in each breakout (or at least really good wireless) to help remote participation.

8 July 2013 Organizing Committee telecon

- posting draft program Where do we keep the master working document?
ACTION: Mark to update program and put into a google doc.  Done at
Please make sure I got everything right and change if not.
ACTION: Hilary to post initial draft program on RDA site in the style of "test - private page"
ACTION: Sayeed to contact remaining groups for their last chance to get on the agenda
- reception and dinner venues. 
DECISION: Reception will have finger food and a cash bar with two free drink tickets and will accommodate ~30 posters.
ACTION: Trinh to investigate locations. Probably the hotel.
- dinner entertainment
DECISION: It will be informal and not at the hotel. A BBQ could be nice. 
ACTION: Trinh to investigate options including possibly some background entertainment.
- how to register people who are not members
DECISION: Press will be allowed to attend free and will be manually registered.
ACTION: Mark to connect EOS reporter and Trinh
- documents and speaker status
DECISION: We will bio and pictures for all the Plenary speakers and post on web and make a document for the chair to introduce people.
ACTION: Hilary to compile bios and pictures. Sayeed and Mark will introduce her to speakers as appropriate.
DECISION: We won't have a big printed packet. Everything will be on line, and we will have a little pocket program with logistical info that can fit in the badge sleeve.
DECISION: CMP will do name tents for speakers and badges for all. The badges will be flip resistant.
- next steps on promoting attendance
DECISION: We will send out announcements to all the usual lists when the agenda is up and remind people to register art the hotel
We will discus this in more detail next week
- next call
same time next week and thereafter : Monday 10:00 Eastern


RDA 2nd Plenary Program Committee Notes


Plenary theme has been chosen as “Building Global Partnerships.” There will be the possibility for having plenary sessions or panels (with relevant speakers) around sub-themes of this Plenary theme. Several ideas have been proposed as sub-themes but we will have space for perhaps one or two such sessions.


For keynote speakers, US members of the RDA Council have contacted John Holdren to be the opening keynote speaker. Multiple program committee members mentioned the value of a focus on the social aspects of data sharing, along the lines that Peter Fox describes during the 1st Plenary. During our second webcon, PC members also highlighted the value of having a speaker who could address the scientific or public value of data sharing. There was also agreement about inviting a younger speaker who might be able to emphasize topics such as implications of social media.


Based on these discussions, we have identified the following keynote speakers:





This group would provide a valuable sequencing of the “what” aspects of data sharing (Holdren), the “why” aspects of data sharing (Wilbanks) and the “how” aspects of data sharing (Borgman). If John Holdren isn’t available, then the US members of Council will have to identify an alternate. If Wilbanks isn’t available, then we identified the following alternates:




If Borgman isn’t available, we identified the following alternate:




For the sub-themes associated with “Building Global Partnerships” the PC members discussed three possible ideas in particular:


  • Asia (in particular Japan, China and India)
  • Complementary infrastructure components or organizations (e.g., DataCite, ORCID)
  • Data communities (e.g., ESIP, CODATA, WDS)


There was some concern about highlighting Asia specifically, particularly as it relates to perceptions from other regions (e.g., why not have speakers from Africa or developing countries?). The PC members felt that geographical representation, while important, could be accomplished through other sessions or means.


It is worth noting that the DataCite group is planning a meeting immediately after the 2nd Plenary so some of their representatives would most probably be in attendance. The ORCID group has issued a recent RFP with a deadline of August 31 for institutions, consortia, etc. that would build prototype implementations. It might be useful to hear from ORCID about the responses to this RFP.


The PC members agreed that a structured, facilitated discussion with other data community groups such as ESIP, CODATA and WDS would be helpful if it highlighted actionable ideas or means for connecting to RDA. Everyone agreed that another discussion about potential overlap, duplication, etc. would not be particularly helpful. Instead, a panel discussion (with audience participation) that highlights specific actions to address these issues would be useful and relevant. For example, it would be interesting to hear how two RDA groups successfully combined with their WDS counterpart groups.