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RDA WG – Email is ready to use

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    Shelley Stall

    Dear Catriona and Matthew,
    Hello! We now have a “bare-bones” website with a place for everyone to join. Please encourage our colleagues to “join” this WG. In this way, the email ***@***.*** will include everyone. Easy to come and go. RDA will have the engagement metrics – good stuff.
    I put myself down as a co-chair along with you both, but very keen to give my spot to others. I just have too much happening right now.
    Hilary feels that we don’t need to go through the step of having a “BoF”. We can just be a WG. Very streamlined.
    You should both have edit authority. Feel free to change anything you read.
    Catriona, over to you for the email. ☺
    Shelley Stall
    VP, Open Science Leadership
    202-777-7307(O) | (240) 676-0774(M)
    2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009
    Pronouns: She/Her; ORCID: 0000-0003-2926-8353

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