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Professionalising data stewardship: business case, terminology & organisational models

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    Mijke Jetten

    Collaborative session notes  
    We realise that the work currently done will greatly benefit from the active input of expertise and experience of the RDA community, from various disciplines and countries, and therefore we explicitly organise a hackathon-style meeting. 
    (in minutes from the start)
    0 – 20 min

    Introduction of the IG and its tasks groups
    Elevator pitches (max 4 minutes) of three fundamental themes for professionalising data stewardship (as first of many topics of the coming years)

    a business case for data stewardship
    data stewardship terminology
    data stewardship models

    20 – 80 min

    Interactive breakout sessions to progress the work on these three topics. This will include for example presenting a case study, plans for deliverables, mentimeter questions, padlet exercises etc.

    Meanwhile in the main room, there will be plenty of room for those new to the Interest Group to get introduced to the group’s work, and discuss the broader plan for the coming years.

    80 – 90 min

    Future outlook/wrap up/closure

    Additional links to informative material

    PDS IG webpage 

    PDS IG slack channel 

    PDS IG charter

    Link to P14 session

    Link to VP15 session

    Link to VP16 session

    Are you willing to hold your session at multiple times to accommodate various time zones?

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    Libraries for Research Data IG

    Contact for group (email)

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Mijke Jetten

    Meeting objectives
    Following the formal launch of the Interest Group, prioritising of topics and formalising of tasks groups at VP16, we invite those of the community interested to work on professionalising data stewardship to work on some of the rotating themes from our master plan for the coming years:

    A business case for data stewardship
    Data stewardship terminology
    The integration of data stewardship across an organisation

    These themes are the first of many, and are closely connected to other themes and challenges identified at P14 and P15 and prioritised at VP16 (see relevant links to additional information below) . We anticipate that drafting out the fundamentals of these themes will help the other task groups to progress as well (such as job profiles, training, career tracks, networking & knowledge exchange, and certification).
    Between VP16 and VP17, some really nice progress has already been made, and we will use the VP17 “professionalising data stewardship” plenary session to work together (in a mini-hackathon-style) to use the expertise and experience of the RDA community to draft a first version of deliverables for a business case for data stewardship, data stewardship terminology and data stewardship organisational models.
    The expected output will be first version of deliverables for 

    a business case for data stewardship
    data stewardship terminology
    data stewardship organisational models

    We expect these first versions to be useful for the broader RDA community that struggles with professionalising data stewardship in their organisations, and therefore we think it is very useful to spend some dedicated time on these three themes.

    We want to make use of breakout rooms in our session

    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
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