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This is the webpage of the RDA Interest Group (in formation) on profesionalising data stewardship. The idea to create an interest group was raised in a BoF session during the 14th Plenary (Helsinki), and a first informal group of interested people was established. At the 15th Virtual Plenary, as second BoF session was organised.

We are currently in the process of submitting the charter (proposal charter available for community feedback via the 'charter' tab at this webpage) to aqcuire endorsement as a formal Interest group. 

Following the discussion at the BoF session and the proposal charter, as an Interest Group (in formation), we will focus on the following challenges: a business case for data stewardship, data stewardship terminology, the integration of data stewardship across an organisation, job profiles for data stewards, training for data stewards, career tracks for data stewards, networking and knowledge exchange, and certification.