Practical Policy Summary Page

The Practical Policy WG is assembling a collection of policies that are used by Data Centers, Research Organizations, and Academic Institutions.  The current set of policies are loosely organized into the following categories:

Submitted Policies

Category Policy Instiution Version
Data Lifecyle Management      
  Archive OSC English
  Archive MPI English
  Availability MPI English
  Backup OSC English
  Backup Cineca English
  Checksum MPI English
  Data Expiration OSC English
  File Quota OSC English
  Home Directory OSC English
  Persistent Identifiers Cineca English
  Persistent Identifiers MPI English
  Persistent Identifiers Cineca iRODS
  Project Storage OSC English
  Recovery OSC English
  Replication Cineca iRODS
  Scratch Space OSC English
  Storage OSC English
  Versioning MPI English
  Distribution MPI English
  File replication KIT English
  File replication



  File replication FZ-Juelich iRODS
  File replication MPI English
  Number of copies MPI English
  Synchronization MPI English
  Metadata KIT English
  Integrity DFC English
  Integrity DFC iRODS
  Preservation Odum LOCKSS
  Verification Odum Lockss