Plenary 3 - Practical Policy Session

1530-1700 on Thursday 27 March
1100-1230 on Friday 28 March
Session chair(s) including email address(es):
Reagan Moore <>
Stotzka, Rainer (IPE) <>
The Practical Policy WG solicits policies that are used to manage data centers, with the goal of sharing 
practical examples.  A survey of production policies indicated that the highest priority policies are related 
to integrity, preservation, access control, data management plans, provenance, publication, replication, 
and data staging. In the session, a schedule for selecting representative policies and completing 
deliverables will be developed.  Participation by any sites managing data is welcome.
Links to additional reading material:
Agenda Session 1 (15:30 on Thursday)
- Introduction to organization of Practical Policy WG
- Discussion of deliverables
   * Collection and English language descriptions of representative policies 
   * Identification of policy categories
   * Identification of highest priority policies
   * Testbeds for dCache, DataVerse, iRODS and E-iRODS
   * Evaluation of standard policies
   * Testing of interoperability across working groups
   * Deployment of highest priority policy sets on testbeds
   * Provide recommendations for a ≥starter kit≤
   * Scheduled to complete Summer, 2014

Agenda Session 2 (11:00 on Friday)

- Discussion of integrity policy starter kit development

- Integrity policy components
  * Checksum generation
  * Replication
  * Verification of status
- Testing of integrity policies on interoperability testbeds
  * Examples of testbed use
  * Examples of running integrity policies
- Plans for extension of results to additional policies