Minutes 8-22-2013


Research Data Alliance - Practical Policy working group

Meeting minutes August 22, 2013

Submitted by Reagan Moore


Reagan Moore

Marico Faerman

Claudio Cacciari


Not able to attend

Willem Elber

Jon Crabtree

Jens Ludwig

Daniel Kurzawa

Rainer Stotzka

Alan Hall

Johannes Reetz


The topics covered in the teleconference include:

·      Agenda for the Second RDA meeting

·      Status of replication policy solicitation

·      Status of testbeds


Proposed Agenda For 2nd RDA meeting (3 hours)

·      Introduction to policy-based data management and the Practical Policy Working Group

·      Discussion of how to encourage participation

·      Discussion of interactions with other RDA WGs". Here we could inform about the 6-weekly meetings of the collab group and compile a list of RDA WGs with overlap to our group, e.g.

-       Data Foundation and Terminology: Reagan Moore, Rainer Stotzka, …

·      Community Capability Model (formal survey): Marcio Faerman

·      Data Citation (PIDs for data sets): Reagan Moore

·      Data Type Registries:

·      Metadata Standards Directory:  Jane Greenberg

·      Standardization of data categories and codes (ISO 639 for spoken languages):

·      PID Information Types

·      Engagement Interest Group (of potential users: Marcio Faerman

·      Discussion of mapping from English Language descriptions of policies to computer actionable rules.  I have invited Chitta Baral (University of Arizona to describe current approaches).  This topic includes development of a common vocabulary.

·      Discussion of a vocabulary for describing operations that can be controlled by policies

·      Discussion of domain specific policies (distribution, provenance, processing pipelines, metadata, archiving)

·      Discussion of testbeds that are being provided (DataVerse, dCache, iRODS).  We need to formalize the access mechanisms, types of testing that will be done, and interactions with other RDA groups.

·      Discussion of bi-monthly policy review process (the first topic is replication policies).

·      Discussion of types of categorization of the policies that are most useful

·      Discussion of next steps for generating example policy sets


RDA 2nd Plenary

The persons planning to attend the RDA meeting in Washington DC include:

Reagan Moore:
Rainer Stotzka,


Please identify whether you will be able to attend and add your name to the list


Status of replication policy solicitation

·      Are additional groups able to provide replication policy examples

·      Can we generate examples of each policy on the testbeds

·      What policy should be explored next


Status of testbeds

·      Procedures for groups to experiment with policies

·      Procedures for interoperability demonstrations