Minutes 7-11-2013


WG Practical Policy Meeting Notes


Present: Reagan, Claudio, Rainer, Willem, Marcio, Timea, Johannes, Jedrzej, Patrick

Washington DC RDA Meeting

Several members of the Practical Policy working group will be able to attend the meeting on September 16-18 in Washington, DC.  These include Rainer Stotzka and Reagan Moore.  Representation from additional groups may be possible and will be explored by  Marcio Faerman, Claudio Cacciari, Willem Elbers.

Agenda for Washington Meeting

The topics we expect to review in the 90 minute meeting include:

·       Encourage participation in the Practical Policy WG

·       Discuss appropriate language for describing policies and a common vocabulary

·       Review submitted policies

·       Review status of testbeds

Any groups that have developed a standard vocabulary for describing the operations that they use within policies are encouraged to submit an operation vocabulary list.

Testbed Status

Three testbeds have been advertised to the Research Data Alliance as opportunities to explore interoperability mechanisms between working group results.  The three testbeds are:

1.     iRODS, NSF DataNet Federation Consortium

2.     DataVerse, Odum Institute for Social Science Research

3.     dCache, DESY

Currently, persons desiring an account in a testbed send the request to rwmoore@renci.org

Encouraging particiaption in the Practical Policy WG

To elicit input from a broader community, the Practical Policy Working Group will promote a new policy every two months.  Input will be sought from working group members on their version of the policy.  The policy will be implemented within one of the testbeds.  The initial policy topic will be file replication which is the most highly requested policy in production data grids.  Rainer Stotzka will manage the first topic session.

Next Meeting

Marcio Faerman will create a Doodle poll to pick the next meeting time.  Multiple working group participants are not available the week of August 5.