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BoF – Identifying Software for Derived Data – RDA 13th Plenary meeting

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    Hugh Shanahan

    Meeting objectives
    The preservation of and access to both Data and Software has steadily improved. The two communities working in this area have tended to work in parallel rather than directly in collaboration. One clear area of overlap is in derived data, namely data that has been generated from other data sets and a particular piece of software or workflow. There is a need for clear guidelines and standards to be developed for research communities to capture this relevant piece of metdata. 
    The overall objectives of this meeting are to 
    1) determine practices within different research communities in capturing this information,
    2) propose methods for an extended survey of practices.
    Meeting agenda
    1) Presentation of problem
    2) Presentation from different communities on how software used in generating data is labelled and annotated in the data sets
    3) Identifying next steps in terms of surveys and/or determining standards
    Short description
    Within the RDA a number of IG’s and WG’s are already working in the area of preserving software and enabling reproduciblitiy. In particular there is the Software Source Code IG, the reproducibility IG and the Software Source Code Identification WG. THe wide variety of research areas represented within the RDA can be called upon to comment on this.
    Additional links to informative material
    Identifiers for Digital Objects: the Case of Software Source Code Preservation –
    Best practices in Scientific Computing –

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