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WGs Getting started (~0-6 months after RDA endorsement)

As has been discussed in several awareness raising sessions with the RDA community at RDA Plenaries 7 and 8 in special sessions carried out in the Data Fabric IG and at two extracurricular RDA events, there is a gap to realization of the power of the combined RDA Recommendations (PID Information Types Recommendation and Data Type Registry Recommendation). This gap, described in more detail below, is in coming to consensus around what makes up PID Kernel Information. By convening interested parties in the RDA community to define PID Kernel Information, and having a PID Kernel Information Recommendation a complementary recommendation in the RDA recommendation suite will allow adopters of the core RDA recommendations (PIT Data Types and Data Type Registry) to take full advantage of the unique power that these recommendations have when combined.


We propose a short-lived working group, for which a case statement is currently in preparation, to converge through a series of discussions and a narrowing process on the smallest number possible of versions (or profiles) of PID Kernel Information (1 is ideal but not likely).  These versions/profiles will be the primary output of the WG.  We anticipate members of the group offering representations (i.e., implementations) as well.


Next meeting 31 August 2017, 13:00 UTC

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Recent Activity

23 Nov 2017

Next Kernel Information call: Dec 18, 14:00 UTC

Dear all,
the next PID Kernel Information call will take place on Monday, December
18, 14:00 UTC.
Best, Tobias
Dr. Tobias Weigel
Abteilung Datenmanagement
Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ)
Bundesstraße 45 a • 20146 Hamburg • Germany
Phone: +49 40 460094-104
Email: ***@***.***
Geschäftsführer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Hamburg

17 Nov 2017

Virtual meeting: Monday, Nov 20, 15:00-16:00 UTC

Dear all,
thanks for filling out the Doodle. We will meet next Monday, Nov 20,
15:00-16:00 UTC. Can we use the IU Zoom meeting system again? Yu or
Beth, can you arrange this? Otherwise I'll arrange a gtm.
Rough topics for the call:
- as discussed in Montreal, we need to look at KI from different
perspectives, and back then there were several ideas. We don't have to
have something solid at the VC, by far not, but let's talk again about
the angles that we imagined and schedule for a more in-depth discussion
call before end of 2017.

13 Nov 2017

PID Kernel Information call - move to Nov 23?

we have not had a regular PID Kernel Information call since RDA P10, but
I believe we should have one to pick up the threads we spun back then.
The regular call time would be this Thursday, Nov 16, 14:00 UTC.
However, we also have the meetings in D.C. this week, which will keep
several of us busy if I'm not mistaken.
Any opinions against re-scheduling the call to one week later, Thursday,
Nov 23, 14:00 UTC? If there are clashes, I will make a Doodle to find a
better alternative. The next regular call will otherwise be Dec 21,

25 Oct 2017

Non-canonical information stored in Handle records only

Out of a recent EUDAT developer discussion:
We once said that Handle records should not be the canonical source of
the information they contain; they should merely reflect (cache)
information from the repositories behind them.
I think there may be an important exception to this rule, which I would
gather under the umbrella of 'object life cycle policies'.
1. Is an object expected to change, is its content fixed? This is often
an implicit policy of a repository but not always made explicit because
there is no need.

14 Sep 2017

Reminder: No WG Meeting in Sep.14th

Dear all,
A friendly reminder that we will not have PID Kernel WG meeting call today
as RDA Plenary is next week.
The agenda for our session at Plenary will follow in the WG discussions.
Many thanks! Look forward to seeing you at RDA 10th Plenary!
Quan (Gabriel) Zhou
PhD Student, Computer Science Dept., Indiana University
Research Assistant, Data to Insight Center
Tel: +1 (812)-361-5159 <(812)%20361-5159>
Email: ***@***.***

01 Sep 2017

Meeting minutes from call on Aug 31 now online

I've transferred the notes from the Google doc to the wiki here:
Dr. Tobias Weigel
Abteilung Datenmanagement
Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ)
Bundesstraße 45 a • 20146 Hamburg • Germany
Phone: +49 40 460094-104
Email: ***@***.***

30 Aug 2017

PID Kernel Info WG Call-in info for 31 Aug.

Hi all,
A friendly reminder that our next call information is as below.
Look forward to talking to you!
31 August 2017, 13:00 UTC
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
Access Code: 656-193-101
More phone numbers
Australia: +61 2 9087 3604
Austria: +43 1 2530 22520
Belgium: +32 28 93 7018