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Dimitris Koureas
WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

As has been discussed in several awareness raising sessions with the RDA community at RDA Plenaries 7 and 8 in special sessions carried out in the Data Fabric IG and at two extracurricular RDA events, there is a gap to realization of the power of the combined RDA Recommendations (PID Information Types Recommendation and Data Type Registry Recommendation). This gap, described in more detail below, is in coming to consensus around what makes up PID Kernel Information. By convening interested parties in the RDA community to define PID Kernel Information, and having a PID Kernel Information Recommendation a complementary recommendation in the RDA recommendation suite will allow adopters of the core RDA recommendations (PIT Data Types and Data Type Registry) to take full advantage of the unique power that these recommendations have when combined.

This WG aims to converge through a series of discussions and a narrowing process on the smallest number possible of versions (or profiles) of PID Kernel Information (1 is ideal but not likely).  These versions/profiles will be the primary output of the WG. 

The group has most recently started to assemble a coherent set of guiding principles that further define the purpose and key requirements underlying the whole concept of PID Kernel Information. Any profiles must adhere to these principles. They also shape the possible infrastructure that can support Kernel Information and facilitate user interaction, filtering, decision-making and other actions.


The group has drafted a recommendation and submitted it to RDA for community endorsement. The draft can be found here:


RDA Recommendation on PID Kernel Information (draft)

Recent Activity

27 Apr 2018

Re: [pid-kernel-info-wg] Updates to the PID KI recommendation draft: Digital Object...

I made a single comment on the Dublin Core / PID Kernel connection.

Otherwise, nothing to contribute. Its a substantive and well thought out document and I think will form the basis for future discussion, trials, and probable revision once we get enough real world experience.



26 Apr 2018

RE: [pid-kernel-info-wg] Updates to the PID KI recommendation draft: Digital Object...

Hello Tobias; all,

I have provided some comments to the draft.

It would be easier to use the specification if there were examples of metadata to be provided for each data element. The specification should also clarify if the elements are repeatable. And Mandatory column should have three options: Yes, Yes (if applicable) and No. In some cases additional information could be useful; for instance, Version number should be mandatory if it is not 1.

25 Apr 2018

Updates to the PID KI recommendation draft: Digital Object policy and use cases

Dear all,

we should finalize the recommendation soon so it can be submitted well
in advance of P12. As part of this, I have
- included a description of object policies
- included adoption sections for ENES and EUDAT

I would like to ask whether other use case providers can fill in a
similar short description in the adoption section. Also, the object
policy structure could benefit from another pair of eyes looking over it
to look for missing elements or gaps in object management processes.

15 Mar 2018

Draft slides for P11 session & outputs presentation

Dear all,

I have drafted a slide deck for the 5 min. output presentation and the
session introduction, see attached. I put RPID, ENES, DOI and EUDAT up
for the current list of adopters. Probably something we can also discuss
at our call in 1 hour.

Best, Tobias
Dr. Tobias Weigel
Abteilung Datenmanagement

Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (DKRZ)
Bundesstraße 45 a • 20146 Hamburg • Germany

14 Mar 2018

Reminder of PID KI WG Meeting Call on Mar.15th, 13:00 UTC

Dear all,

A friendly reminder of our PID KI WG Meeting call on Mar.15th, 13:00 UTC.
Please note that it will be US EDT Time 9:00am with daylight saving time begins this week.

The connection details are as below.

Look forward to talking to you!

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

04 Mar 2018

Re: [pid-kernel-info-wg] [pid-kernel-info-wg] Connection of PID KI WG Meeting Call...

Thanks Tobias and all. Sorry I missed the call, I got back from travel late the night before and needed to sleep in.

I think the agenda looks pretty good. I’ll try and do an assessment of how the proposed profile maps against DCO, but I don’t promise anything. If I can, I will report.