Plenary 3 - IG PID Session

1100-1230 and 1400-1530 on Friday 28 March

PID Interest Group session: Enabling data connections
Co-Chairs: Tobias Weigel (, Laurel Haak 
The PID IG aims to coordinate persistent identifier (PID) activities 
across the RDA community and Working Groups, establish Working Groups 
for specific topics as needed, and monitor longer-term activities.  In 
the PID IG session, we will take stock of existing PID initiatives and 
interests, identify technological and interoperability gaps, gather 
ideas for possible Working Groups, and prioritize their formation.
Morning slot (11:00-12:30)
  • Overview: state and scope of the IG, formation, TAB feedback
  • Introduce participants and stakeholders
  • Q&A on IG scope
  • Brief report on survey results
  • Plenary discussion on emerging PID topics brought to the group so far
  • Identifiation of key focus areas, create consensus on priority areas
Afternoon slot (14:00-15:30)
  • Present and discuss WG formation process, important practicalities and success factors (dedicated people/chairs, ROI, clear singular target, pragmatic outcome)
  • Suggestions for possible WG scopes based on important points of departure
  • General discussion and next steps

Additional reading material: