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Help Promote August 10 Physical Samples Webinar

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    Stephanie Hagstrom

    Hello – May we please ask for a few minutes of your time to help us promote the 2nd RDA/ESIP Physical Samples Webinar “RRIDs: A Way to Track Samples Through the Scientific Literature” being held on 10 Aug 2021 – 19:00 to 20:00 UTC.
    Please see below a list of ways you can help. We hope this will provide easy and fast ways for you to reach out to your colleagues who may also be interested in this webinar.
    We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at the webinar.
    LinkedIn – Open RDA LinkedIn post and “like” and “share”
    Twitter – Open Twitter Post and “like”, “retweet” and tag others you think would be interested in attending.
    Twitter – Copy the following, send from your Twitter account paste and attach this webinar promo artwork in your post:
    Mark your calendar for the RDA & ESIP Physical Samples Webinar on “RRIDs: A Way To Track Samples Through The Scientific Literature” hosted by RDA-US on 10 Aug 2021 19:00 UTC.Register here: @resdatall @ESIPfed @rda_us
    Email, Group Lists, Newsletters, Slack – Copy the following and post to your Slack groups, send an email to colleagues, post or send an email of your group lists, include information in newsletters and download and insert this webinar promo artwork in your post:
    Please attend the RDA & ESIP Physical Samples webinar titled: “RRIDs: A Way to Track Samples Through the Scientific Literature” on 10 Aug 2021 – 19:00 to 20:00 UTC.
    In this webinar, we will discuss the RRID project, exploring how RRIDs (Research Resource ID’s), persistent identifiers used to track key biological resources, i.e., “physical samples” for the biomedical field, successfully drove improvements in resource identification. We will highlight the project successes, share lessons learned, and show how any research field could learn from the challenges that the RRID project faced in implementing RRID’s.
    The project started in 2012 and in 2014 the first RRID identifier was launched. Today, RRIDs are used in thousands of research papers, are included in 1000+ Journal instructions and guidelines, and have made a significant impact across the scientific literature.
    If you are interested in persistent identifiers, if you like reagents, but do not like how they are usually described in your friends’ papers, or you are someone within or outside the biomedical field and could learn about the implementation of persistent identifiers in scholarly communication then you should attend! Read more and register here.
    Thank you,
    Esther, Megan and Stephanie
    Stephanie Hagstrom
    Director of Community Development


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