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PID for research metadata presentation (draft)

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    As discussed previously, I’m showing you this presentation I’m
    going to give in 2 weeks. It’s a first draft, and I will welcome
    all your recommandations.
    Maybe it lacks some illustrations, I’ll be glad to read your

    Jonathan (ノ°益°)ノ 彡 [ɹǝɟɟǝɐɥɔS]
    Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble
    Responsable technique Résif-DC
    ✉ Isterre, bureau 035, 1381 rue de la Piscine 38610 GIERES
    ✆ +33 4 76 63 51 37

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    Hi Jonathan,
    overall looks good to me, few comment on this statement: “There is a
    mapping with DataCite schema (to assign a DOI to your instrument) and
    ePIC This way, an instrument can be assigned with a DOI or a Handle.”
    * ePIC and DataCite are two *implementations* of PIDINST schema,
    DataCite requires a schema mapping and ePIC is a full PIDINST schema
    * DataCite DOIs are Handles, too, and I believe ePIC IDs can be
    resolved via
    Cheers, m.
    On Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 4:26 PM Jonathan Schaeffer via Persistent
    Identification of Instruments WG

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