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Next Call July 8, 7 am UTC

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    Markus Stocker

    We will have our next call tomorrow Wednesday, July 8, at 7 am UTC (9 am CEST).
    Call notes:
    Note 1: This is the first Australasia-Europe friendly call.
    Note 2: The changed connection, since not everyone was happy with the
    German DFN conference system perhaps Webex is better. For now, I don’t
    have a third alternative.
    Note 3: We moved to a single minutes document per year. This link will
    only change in 2021 again. I think rolling to a new file once a year
    is still sensible.
    Cheers, m.

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    Erin Kenna

    My apologies. I have an unavoidable appointment this evening and won’t be able to attend this meeting. 

    (Not sure if there is a better way to send this message?)

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