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Upcoming session at RDA plenary

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    Andrea Mannocci

    Dear all,
    As you may know, the Open Science Graphs for FAIR Data Interest Group ( will be hosted at the next RDA plenary on the 20th of June from 9:00 to 10:30 CEST (
    We warmly invite you to participate.
    In the session, we will focus on bootstrapping the discussion about the establishment of a specific Working Group (WG) discussing “data models and exchange protocols for Open Science Graphs interoperability” and the relevant challenges. In particular, we foresee a discussion centred around 
    – Data models. Identification of objects in an OSG: graph IDs and PIDs together with a vocabulary of PID providers (Crossref DOI, DataCite DOI, ORCID, ISNI, ROR, ArXiv, PubMedID, PDBs, etc.); Types of entities: vocabulary of entity types; Entity description: minimal (and optional) set of properties for each entity; Relationships and their formalisation, e.g.,; Provenance of the object, and provenance of the object properties; Trust of an object and trust of object properties; Added-value: set of entity properties characterising the added-value brought by the Graph (e.g., indicators, subjects, references, disambiguation, other algorithms etc.). 
    – FAIRness and Openness. Definition of a “graph profile”, an exchangeable metadata description of an OSG describing in a machine-readable format all the properties above, enriched with: integrated data sources, licensing, and any other source of documentation.
    A detailed agenda of the session will circulate shortly.
    Cheers, we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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