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First Task Forces meeting & call for participation

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    Paolo Manghi

    Dear All,
    The 17th of August we had our first operational TF meeting (short minutes here). As planned we went through the set of candidate entities that we have identified to point out those that appear to be core for enabling the definition of the first version of our graph interoperability framework. Briefly:

    In this worksheet you can find in green the entities that had gained more preferences and therefore will be dealt with in this first phase

    We have opted to include one “research product” entity and have different types of it, rather than including separate entities, the underlying concept is to identify common fields, for all products; 
    We should also add the relationships that we believe are relevant for the entity at hand; we already have an interesting case there with the concept of “affiliation”, which is a ternary relationship and could be seen as an entity itself

    In the same worksheet we have now added one TAB for each of the selected entities

    We’d like to identify for each entity a minimal and common set of properties (potentially structured) that we’d like to exchange (research products TAB has been started as an example), together with their optionality degree (Mandatory, Optional, Recommended) and multiplicity
    We should Include in the TAB known data models in the domain, such as standards and/or graph models, and tick which properties they map onto 

    Next meeting (mid September, as long as we will have gathered enough feedback from all of you)

    Brainstorm on the results
    Identification of modelling  issues 
    Converge on common decisions
    Start discussion about data model and exchange formats (JSON-LD was suggested)

    We invite again all members who want to actively participate to the Task Forces to contact Andrea and me, we will share all the docs and include you in the mailing list.

    Paolo and Andrea

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