From Observational Data to Information


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Secretariat Liaison: 
Lynn Yarmey
TAB Liaison: 
Paul Uhlir

Our aim is to advance shared understanding of the relationship between data and information, primarily in the context of environmental research infrastructures for observational data and semantic information about observed environments. While commonly used, the terms data and information are poorly understood. Typically understood as the values organized in rows and columns, in reality there are observational data, experimental data, simulation data. There are feature, trend, geospatial data sets. There are primary data, secondary data, derivative data, operational data, metadata. Furthermore, we increasingly speak of mining information from data and transferring information into knowledge. However, what mined information is and how information is represented and recorded in research infrastructures remains obscure. Knowledge is even more complex. There is a need to clarify what data, information and possibly knowledge are, and how these concepts relate in the research infrastructure context. We provide a platform to advance this subject matter.

Recent Activity

15 Sep 2017

[FYI] Refined agenda, remote access, session notes

As noted on the session page [1], we will have remote access for the
session. I am copying the GoToMeeting link here:
Also, we have the possibility to collaboratively take notes during the
meeting using this Google Doc:
Finally, the refined agenda:

28 Jul 2017

Conference call Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 4-5 pm CEST

we will have our next conference call next week on Tuesday, August 1, 4-5
pm CEST.
Meeting agenda:
Please comment with issues you like to raise. The document includes the RDA
web page group description. Please review the paragraph so that we can

30 Jun 2017

[OD2I] Kick-off call Monday, July 3, 2017, 3-4 pm CEST

we will have our kick-off conference call next week on Monday, 3-4 pm CEST.
Thanks for joining.
You can find the meeting agenda here:
Please comment if you like to add topics.
You should be able to enter as guest by providing your name.
Cheers, m.

22 Jun 2017

[OD2I] RDA P10 session proposal submitted; thanks

thanks for your comments, which we have considered in the submitted session
As a side note, I like to highlight this editorial [1], which you may have
seen. I think the following line is of particular interest to this group:
"And if the cloud [EOSC] is to become more than somewhere that research
data go to die, the data must come annotated and formatted in such a way
that other scientists can make sense of them."
To this I would add that, sense-making results in semantic information that

21 Jun 2017

[OD2I] RDF P10 Session Proposal

I am appending here the proposal for our IG kick-off session in Montréal.
Let us know if you have any suggestions. We will submit the proposal
tomorrow evening (CEST). Thanks.
Cheers, m.
Meeting title: Interest Group Kick-Off Meeting
Short introduction: Following the Denver (P8) and Barcelona (P9) BoF
meetings, this meeting is to kick-off the newly formed Interest Group.
Broadly speaking, this IG aims to advance shared understanding of the
relationship between data and information, primarily in the context of