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RDA P20 WG session – summary and next steps

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    Natasha Simons

    Dear all,
    Thank you to everyone who joined our RDA P20 session either in person or
    online. It was a terrific session despite some tech issues:
    – The room was full
    – The engagement level was high (thanks to Alice Meadows from
    MoreBrains for her assistance with the Menti poll)
    – We heard new and updated case studies and information sharing,
    including updates from ORCID, DataCite and MoreBrains
    – We reviewed the checklist which will be part of the WG’s output
    – We discussed next steps to transition from WG to IG as the WG is
    due to finish in June
    National PID strategies is a hot topic and was also the focus of the *DataCite
    Connect* meeting on the Monday, which many of you also attended. That was
    also a very good and engaging session looking at both case studies and how
    DataCite can engage with national PID strategies.
    *Next steps*
    *Please get your new or updated case studies to co-chairs by the end of
    April at the latest. We will then fold these into the final output of the
    WG which is due in June. *
    As discussed, we will next:
    – Prepare the final output (guidance document with accompanying
    checklist and case studies)
    – Begin the process of transitioning from WG to IG now as it takes
    some time to get it approved through RDA
    – Look at organising a session for the Salzburg plenary.
    We will also get the P20 slides and Menti poll results to you shortly.
    If you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please reach out.
    Natasha (on behalf of co-chairs)
    Natasha Simons
    Associate Director, Data & Services
    M +61 411 325 295
    ***@***.*** | ORCID: |
    Tw: @n_simons
    ARDC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands
    that we live and work on across Australia and pays its respect
    to Elders past and present.
    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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